2009 Review

Ok, so I probably should have posted this last week but I’ve been lazy. With tapering comes free time so here we go!
May 18, 2009 was my first day of half marathon training. Crazy to think that something that totally consumes me now wasn’t even on the radar at this time last year…for a lot of last year. Looking through my training log, it’s been an amazing year of surprises. In high school, I couldnt run a whole lap around a track and in June…I went to that same track and ran 20. I ran over 100 miles in August. I signed up for a full marathon! Not to mention, I ran my first races:
3 Half Marathons
     9/6  RNR VA Beach  2:41:34
     11/7  Dowd YMCA  2:18:31
     12/12  Thunder Road 2:17:05
3 10ks
     10/3 Carrboro 10k 1:05:24
     10/24 Running of the Wolves 1:07:07
    11/14 Old Reliable Run 1:01:49
2 8ks
     7/19 Summer of Love 54:06
     11/26 Ridgewood Turkey Trot 47:31
3 5ks
     8/29 Run for Life 33:53
     11/21 Apex Turkey Trot 29:17
     12/5 Reindeer Romp 30:57
I feel so much more capable and confident in myself. I love the fact that I don’t go out much anymore – people always act happier to see me and I think I’m happier to see them. Overally, there’s less drama in my life and I’m not as restless. I appreciate my rest time and spend less time wondering what to do. I know now that I can set and achieve goals. It’s hard to fully describe how empowered I feel without sounding too cheesy…but I feel it! Running is probably the only healthy addiction I’ve ever had.
Before running, my idea of the general public was so negative. I was losing my faith in the kindness of strangers. The running community has so many people I dont know who willing to provide encouragement and motivation. People who want me to succeed and understand that someone else doing well doesn’t tarnish their own accomplishments.
I’d like to thank everyone who’s given me support in any way. I will try my best to return the favor. I hope 2010 will be a year for even bigger accomplishments and making even happier memories!!!!!

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