Try to Tri

I’ve taken a break from racing…and since my blog was almost all race reports, there hasnt been much to say.
Running is slowly getting better but I have to admit my cross training has been getting me through my post Niagarafunk. Mainly weight lifting and cycling – but swimming is slowly assuming a place in my heart.
My first attempt at a swim was a week before Nashville and I bombed it. I was only breathing on one side, holding my breath and jerking my head up to breathe out and in one stroke, and thinking that kicking and paddling harder and faster was going to do something other than leave me exhausted. I actually had to get adjusted by my chiropractor afterwards, who was surprised I could eff up my neck so much in such a short swim.
Thank goodness for Active Swimming!! The articles and videos are awesome. I’m even willing to go as far as to say the swimming resources are better than the running resources but I have to admit I havent explored the running articles as much as I should. I’m happy to say I’m successfully a bilateral breather.
The section on better breathing and the videos saved me a lot of pain (and chiro co-pays!)
So that leads me to an unexpected milestone – my first attempt at a (sorta) triathlon!! I often run after cycling classes – more to flush out my legs than for any for of mileage gain. So, after a hard spin class…I stopped at a greenway and ran around the lake – 2.2 miles. It was over 90º and humid and I was happy with my easy pace, which was still faster than last year when I always ran on fresh legs, at a harder effort, and in cooler weather. Fully satisfied with my work out, I went home to drink my chocolate milk and play on facebook before my shower.
I felt a wave of jealousy as I saw this on my newsfeed:
Last names removed to protect the innocent 
Tri fever washed over. How awesome is that? I wanna do that!!! Then I thought of my brick…and the fact that it was only 8pm. I CAN DO THAT! A bit out of order…but doing three different activities one right after the other is still a tri of sorts. I finished my milk, took a quick shower at the gym, then swam a mile. Whoo hoo!! I felt exhausted afterwards…but it was different than running or cycling for more than 2 hours. I really need to do a real sprint soon.
For some reason being able to do all that renewed my confidence in my abilities. I’ve been in such a funk since Nashville. Partly the HOT weather, partly my motivation and desire had been subsiding. I feel excited again. I hope it lasts…at least through VA Beach and MCM training.
A few months ago I thought I could break 2 hours at the VA Beach half this year. I dont think that will happen anymore…but I would be really happy with a sub 10 min mile pace. Since I’ve done 2 halves in 2:13 I think that’s pretty realistic if the weather this year cooperates.

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