Jingle Bell 5k

Lazy week ended with a busy day on Saturday!
Other than the 8 mile run to pick up my rental car, I didn’t do much last week. I was more sore from the accident than I wanted to admit…and while I felt ok (as in I’m glad I dont  have family near by who would’ve dragged me to the doctor) my HR was  high at even an easy pace. I scrapped everything but a 3 mile run, a 1  mile swim, and the Jingle Bell 5k.
I dont find 5ks fun. Ever. So  It was annoying to settle for a fun run 5k but that’s what I had to do.  Sleep had been non-existent in the days leading up to the race. My car  was declared a total loss on Thursday and my insurance would only pay  for my rental through the weekend (and that’s with an extension).  Luckily I have an awesome boss and some extra vacation time so I spent  Friday desperately car shopping. My friends kept saying, “how fun!” but  it is super stressful when you NEED a car in pretty much a day!
My  very pregnant friend (twins due in a month) hosted a holiday happy hour  Friday night so even though all I wanted to do was go to bed once I  left the dealership, I made an appearance (I didn’t drink anything –  though a beer might have helped me sleep). Gotta say hello to the  babies!!
Knocking on the belly to get the babies to wake up
Sleepless  night #4 meant a slow morning. By the time I picked up my chip and  started to look for the start line, I saw a bunch of people running in  the same direction blowing right by me. CRAP! I was asking people if  there was a start mat but of course no one was paying attention. Luckily  there was a start mat but by the time i got to the start EVERYONE  including the walkers had already gone. No time to locate  satalites…time to go!
Yay for Santa Socks!
Standard  out and back course was all uphill in the first half and all down in  the second. I blew by all the walkers and started making my way through  the runners. Luckily it was a wide course so I didn’t have to weave too  much. Garmin finally kicked in but I didn’t know how much it was off.  Mile 1 -11:17 (probably 1.1 since total was 3.00). It was still really  annoying to see a number that high when my avg heart rate was 183.
First attempt at the pic above…shows I was too tired to match

Mile  2 seemed to last forever, as it always does in a 5k so I amused my self  checking out people’s costumes. There were plenty of santas, elves, and  even some snowmen. I need to go to races with my camera more often.  Mile 2 10:02.
I stalked cute snow woman to get this
I  was really fatigued going into mile 3. Even though it was downhill, it  felt like such an effort. Heart rate was still high and I tried not to  look at my pace when I checked it. Luckily that number is so freakin  small on the 305 that it takes all my concentration just to see it, so I  dont even notice pace in my peripheral.
As we turned the corner  there was Santa cheering us on. I screamed THANK YOU SANTA!! and  managed a 9:13 in the final mile. Time was 30:32….No real 5k PR this  year  though I only did 2 so I shouldn’t complain.

What kind of shoes does Santa use??

The  after party was how I picture old southern Christmas parties. The race  was at an all-girl boarding school….aka you normally have to poop  monry to be let into the gates. Chistmas music and coffee for everyone!
Little kids playing in leaves made me really happy

After  the race I showered and then finished the paperwork to pick up my car. I  ended up with a Prius. It’s super cute. I’ll post pics once the dealer  finishes adding the junk I wanted on it. It drives really different than  a normal car (esp when you have a lead foot like me) but 50 mpg is  really appealing.
In case that day wasn’t eventful enough I had  to go to a toga party for some friends deploying to Afghanistan. The  party lasted until 6am….but I think I took a nap on the couch for a  good 2 to 3 hours of it (did I fall asleep or did I pass out??). Being  dressed in a bed sheet came in handy!

Runs so far this week have went well so I am hoping for a good Pikermi on  Saturday.No goals…I’m just hoping to survive it.

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