Jenster vs Bronchitis – Two Race Reports

I came down with Bronchitis in Feb at the height of Shamrock Training. Running was hard…but I attempted 2 races in one day (March 5) anyway.
Round 1: Cary Distance Festival 10k
My  last 3 10ks time are 61:49, 61:43, and 61:10 (PR). So annoying when all  I want is under an hour! Prior to coming down with bronchitis I was  confident in being able to PR at this 10k. Once I got sick, I wasnt sure  if I’d be able to run it at all 
After a week and a half of no  running and a round of antibiotics I felt ok. Not 100% but well enough  to try running again. I did a 4 mile run Thursday to try out my new  Saucony Kinvaras (LOVE THEM). Possibly I got over confident because  Friday I did an hour of weight lifting and a 5.5 mile run. The pace on  both runs were really easy…although it felt harder than normal.
The  morning of the race I felt sore and fatigued. Half my mind said, “Rest.  You’re sick. Think about the marathon.” The other half said “Do you  know how many miles you’ve missed already? You’re fine. Grow a pair!”
I  felt better after coffee…and somehow managed a 9:22 for the first  mile. Mile 2 was mostly uphill at 9:56. I thought for a second I could  snag my PR if I could just try to hold on.
My body  revolted. I started to feel like I was running through glue. I would  have quit if I wasnt in a town with such confusing infrastructure*. I  started to get mad at myself. It didnt help that at this point a woman  passed me and said “Mile 3 already? These are flying by. My training  must be paying off.” I’m normally a chatty person but I didnt say a  word. I dont even think I smiled. I might have grunted.
I  volunteered at this race last year as a course monitor. There wasnt much  traffic and I was sandwiched at the bottom of two hills. So I screamed  and blew a whistle cheered until I lost my voice. This year the  intersection featured an old man, sitting in a car, reading a paper. I  was a little disappointed in my legacy.
Being an awesome volunteer at the race last year with a frined

In  the end I didn’t quit, and did consistent 10:45s (which is about my GMP) for the remainder of the race. Finished in a disappointing 1:05:44.  I hate being sick 
*I’m normally great with directions  but the streets there literally go in circles. They have streets that  intersect more than once!! Cary supposedly stands for Containment Area  for Relocated Yankees. Go figure.

Round 2: Green Run 8k
I  never planned on doing this race. While super fun and associated with  my Monday running club, the race is put on by the timing company that  always screws up my time (they were 3 for 3 on no start time – finish  time only). Add no response to emails and you get a company I avoid.
Well,  being a hateful person, I added a comment to a thread on the RW forums  about their screwed up timing at the Myrtle Beach Marathon. Someone saw  it and offered me a complimentary bib, saying they had upgraded their  equipment and wanted me to give them another chance. Guess being a  whiner finally paid off.

This  race is very festive. The logo is a leprechaun running with a pint of  green beer. People dress up (you know I love costumed runners!!) and you  get a free beer after the run. Not only is it green for St Patty’s  Day…it’s also green as in environmentally friendly.

I  didn’t want to be tempted to try to race this one. I knew I’d fail and  be mad at myself….so I did the next best thing and ran with a friend  (Yes there are people slower than me!). I knew my friend Julie’s PR and I  was confident I could at least help her beat it. Not much to say about  this race** other than it was a win-win – I got an easy 5 miles in…and  she got her PR.
My fav “costumes”…but it loked really hard to run with
After  the run I waited in a beer line FOREVER and then met up with a girl from Runner’s World’s Loop!! We talked and talked until  the temperature dropped. I better be seeing more of that girl (and her adorable new puppy!)
Not a good pic of either of us…but it’s proof it happened!
M was wearing blue instead of green, since the UNC/Duke game was that night. She was def out of place, check out the start video 
I was feeling more normal later in the week. Just in time for taper  But  I was really glad illness didnt keep me down and out longer and I had positive thoughts on Shamrock.
**I FINALLY got a chip time! Way to go Precision Race!!!! I’ll stop adding quotes around Precision now 

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