Party Pooper at the Raleigh Rocks Pikermi

I had a busy, race filled weekend…there was some good and some ugly, with very little in between.

After reading Shaun’s Tobacco Road RR, I offered my guest bedroom/shoe closet because what’s better than Loopster hospitality?? After all, I met him for almost 20 seconds at a Pikermi in October and everyone who’s met him still comments on his blogs (which means they’re both alive and dont hate him). I’m happy to say I’m still alive and willing to provide references 🙂

I left work early on Friday to pick up our packets. Unfortunately every family of 4 in Raleigh had the same idea. Pick up was ridiculous! It was the longest I’ve ever had to wait for any race (25 min…I swear I’ve never waited longer than 5 and I’ve done some HUGE mofos). I assumed there wouldn’t be an expo…and I was right. Although there was a table selling all their surplus race shirts!

The line snaked all through the lobby

The Expo table
Friday night Mr Jenster (the man formerly known as CH) came up with 3 friends. They were running a 12 mile trail race nearby and I offered Hotel Jenster since it was less than 5 miles from their shuttle pick up. Wake up was 5:45 so I got very little sleep and it felt weird waking up early for a race that wasn’t mine. It was Mr Jenster’s first race ever, so my non-morning cranky butt put on a smile, dropped them off at the shuttles, wished them luck, got a good-bye kiss, and went home for a nap that never happened before going back to cheer them at the finish.

I was super jealous of them. Weather was PERFECT and at that point weather people were predicting H 87 L 65 and Humid for my race day. I was also jealous of the trail race because I loved my first one. I reminded myself to do more trail races and stayed focus on being a good cheerleader and womanfriend. Good news – Mr Jenster is hooked and really wants to do more races…so looks like I might be hittin the trail scene more too.

Mr Jenster stayed to hang out post race, which was awesome but I really, really needed a nap. About 20 min after he left, Shaun came. No rest for the weary.

Shaun and I did some course recon, ate dinner, watched movies. Overall I was the most boring hostess in America and Shaun will admit Hotel Jenster is more like Branson than Vegas. But I was tired!! I actually fell asleep halfway through Dumb and Dumber.

Morning came early, but was cooler than expected!!!! Shaun and I had planned on coffee at Dunkin Donuts, which opened at 5 according to the website. I was out of bagels and bread and figured I’d pick up breakfast there too. But, when we got to Dunks…it was closed! Boooo Dunks and your lying website. We were forced into McD’s coffee (which is actually pretty decent).

You sit on a throne of lies!!!
Apparently everything in Raleigh is closed before 7 on a Sunday…and with no other breakfast options, I got an egg mcmuffin. I remembered Coelle18 saying she eats these before races…and they seemed like the least greasy thing on the menu (I’ve since been informed McD’s will sell you just a bagel…and they have oatmeal). Plus I never have GI issues during runs. I didn’t really consider the fact that I’ve never, ever eaten eggs and cheese before any run.

Shaun went up by the fast people and I went back with the mid packers. It was really crowded for the first mile but opened up after we left the RBC parking lot. I got to see Shaun twice and cheer him on. He was looking awesome and gave me a cool guy wink like he was crusin by in a lowrider. My first 9 miles were awesome. I really cant say much about the race because I was in the zone and lovin life. The hills didn’t bother me, in fact, even though it was one one of my top 3 Pikermis (out of 14) in terms of biggest total climb, I felt like there were WAY more down hills than up. I was running by feel and was pleasantly surprised each time Gary beeped.

1    9:30    
2    10:11    
3    10:00    
4    9:53    
5    10:11    
6    9:58    
7    10:34
8    10:10
9    9:58

I felt great. It was like being at an awesome party with my nerdy friend (Brain), my meat head friend (Legs), and my needy Debbie Downer friend (Tummy). We were all getting along, dancing, and having a great time.  Just when I thought I was getting a drama free, fun filled time, Tummy wants to be a party pooper.

Brain: Wow, I love dancing to no music!! I’m never off beat.
Legs: I can do this all night long (all night, all night)
Jenster: You guys are awesome. We’re the three best friends than anyone could have! We’re the three best friends than anyone could have!
Tummy: Hey guys! How are you having fun???? This place sucks. I need to go to the bathroom and you guys all have to come with me.
Legs: Really, T? MAN UP! Can’t you just wait 30 min? Just shut it and let us have some fun.
Brain: Tummy’s gonna start crying at the bar again and totally embarrass us if we dont. Maybe we should listen.
Tummy: It’s not much fault! Jenster bought me shots of Egg McMuffin. She should have known I can’t hold my muffin!
Brain: Jenster, you really dont think sometimes, do you?? Poor Tummy.
Jenster: My friend Coelle18 says she does it all the time and she’s fine.
Tummy: Coelle18 either a liar or a floozy!
Legs: What kind of name is Coelle18? OMG, are you talking about your internet friends again? You are such a loser. That’s it, I’m with Tummy. It’s bathroom break time. 

And that was that. Luckily I run this section in training all the time and knew there was a house coming up that was doing construction, with a hidden port-a-potty and I made a dash for it. Mild explosion later, I opened the door and immediately realized I needed to go back in. Unfortunately, there was a girl waiting…and going back in wasn’t an option I was willing to take. I quickly made the best “Ewwww, it’s gross in there and it’s def not me that blew it up” face I could and trudged along, butt clenched. The next 4 miles were not pretty.

10    11:40
11    11:42
12    10:39
13    10:52

I managed to bust out the last .23 with an 8:36 pace….but I was literally racing to the bathroom. The look of pain on my face was enough to have someone ask me if I was ok after crossing the finish. No, I wasn’t ok…little men with swords were stabbing the inside of my stomach.

And on top of that, I was ANGRY. 2:17:18 was the final time. If you had asked me at mile 9, I would have thought 2:10 was possible. Darn you, Tummy!

Shaun and I found each other and I found out he CRUSHED 1:30!!! Not only that but he looked great! I might have to follow his lead with the rice krispy treats and chocolate Chip Bagel (I’m not giving up the beer…but the Egg McMuffin is off the menu).

We went back to my place for showers (and real bathrooms) without a single picture (I’m so disappointed in myself!). But we did a post race pic with celebratory pic with our dinky medals. We spiced it up with 10:30 am Yuenglings!

Then we met up with James True for an awesome brunch. We did a lot of damage!
The brunch was made even more OSOM because I got text alerts for Musictofeet’s butt kickin marathon. It made me so happy to hear about her, James, and Shaun kickin so much butt 🙂

The weekend had WAY too much testosterone though…so after a nap I met the girls out for a drink.

After a few days to reflect (and a “Get over it, pretty lady!” from the sexiest man alive), I guess 3 weeks to the day after an awesome marathon, I was too greedy to expect an awesome Pikermi. Who knows, maybe I would have bombed even without the Muffin. And at least I learned something!

I have a Sprint tri in ten days, a Lady Loopfest Nashville Pikermi just for fun in 17 days, and a good shot at Pikermi PR May 7th in Indianapolis. Plenty of chances to redeem myself!!

When I look a the big picture, life is better than I probably deserve right now and I have no right to a pity party. Running enriches my life so much but it’s been magnified by 10 since joining the Loop. Thanks again for the love and support 🙂

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