Nashville Pikermi Quickie: Hot, Hard, and mistaken for a man

This was a fun run. It was kinda fun. Except I’m an idiot. Sunny day + course with no shade + black felt hat + black running clothes covered by black polyester = OMG JENSTER MELTED ALL OVER THE COURSE!
Despite being WAY cooler and less humid than last year, it felt way hotter to me. I was burning up and leaving little Jenster puddles all through the town (ew).
The highlight of the race was having the finish line announcer call me a man…only to be corrected by the other announcer – “I think that’s a lady.” Good times. I’ll post links to the video when its up. Full report coming.
BUT words cannot describe how much fun it all was. I’ll try to post as many pictures as possible to make anyone who wasnt in Nashville this weekend realize how lame every other city in America was 🙂 All the loopsters kicked major butt. The course was hard and (to me) it was deceptively hot. I’m so happy I was able to cheer so many peeps in!!!
Anyway…I should have official race photos later. Until then, here is my entry to the Moostachio Bansheeoo
Megan Kate is holding CK….and I’m holding Musictofeet, who was already Bangle Pumping even before her race – we all knew she’s totally cream her race. The costume might look cute…but it was a sauna/death trap. 

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