Nashville: The Party

If you missed it, here’s the details on the race. But, I’ll admit it – this was the report you were waiting for!

MK and I took a short but delicious nap. You know those naps that only last 20 min but you wake up feeling like you slept for hours? Yes, we had a perfect double disco nap and were ready to rock the party!!

We met up with AJ and Holly for a tame dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Then AJ escorted us down to the bar district and left us to wander. How he could leave us when we were obviously the most fun group in town, we’ll never know 😉 I’m sure he didnt want to be held responsible for any shennanigans (or be seen with the girls carrying Babies) HAHA.

Nashville was crazy and the first bar we went to was crowded but MK snagged us a table with a view

The night started off tame.
MK and MTF celebrating their OSOM marathons
The faces we make while reading the loop 🙂

DSC00424CK trying to kick off her work boots (she already lost her safety googles)
Notice CK eyeing the beer
We’ll just call this next section: Never too old to play with Barbies or
(unless you have multiple cameras and a blog)
CK double fistin’ already
CK taking body shots off MTF (While MTF pulls a Britney)
Dancing with the girls
To protest the bar’s lack of Budweiser, CK drank everything else they had
Then she pole danced for more booze money
We wont talk about what else she did for money
Still not talking about it!
MTF decided she was too sober to witness all of CK’s antics, so MK helped her out!
MTF gets a little crazy once she’s liquored up!
MK and Holly boozin it up courtesy of our money makers
CK had too much and took a bit of a nap. We made sure to cross her legs before taking the pic. MTF looks over, concerned.
She didn’t stay down long, and quickly got up to toss her cookies, MTF, the trooper, tried to hold her hair back. I hope no one on the side walk below got hit.
Once up, CK went on a safari and found herself a man. Unfortunately, his GF wasn’t too happy about it.
Holly and I quickly jumped in. We always have our girl’s back!!!
CK passed out again after the rumble. Def for the best as we needed to get out before the girl with the red dress came back with friends.
After the puking and the bar fight, we decided to call it a night. Sadly, MK and I said goodbye to Holly 😦 and went back to our Not-So-Quality Inn. The next morning we missed the hotel breakfast. Boo!!! But prob for the best since we needed to get going. The Loop never lets us log in through our phones so we were in serious withdrawal. We logged in from a coffee shop and stayed until they kicked us out.
Then it was time to say good bye to Megan 😦 I was so sad to let her go! If she and I lived closer there’d be a lot of running and safari-ing and laughing. And I’d never get sick of hearing her say her O’s. Luckily she and I are both in for Nike Women’s…so I’ll be seeing her in San Fran in October!!!
Thank you, Loop for an awesome weekend! I loved every minute of it (minus about 2 hours during the actual race, that kinda blew). HAHA. Can’t wait to meet some more Loopsters on Sunday!!!
PS – CK and MTF are safely with MK’s neice (the one who doesn’t pee on people, I think) and will probably not see the inside of a bar for a very, very long time. I think CK’s banned for life anyway 😉

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