Tutu/Double Stroller 5k PR!!!!

This week has been CRAZY!!!! Super late report from Saturday’s 5k.

Everyone knows I hate 5ks. This one is always a little extra dreaded. June race in NC always = Heat and Humidity. It’s also hard to find a flat course in Raleigh (a.k.a. Hilleigh). However, my girls and I have a tradition of running this race in Pink Tutus (well, this was only our 2nd year, but it’s def a tradition), and my girl Ellie is a survivor so we have to represent!!

Pink….head to toe!

I have to give props to Raleigh this year. Last year we were the only ones dressed up. Infact, most people didnt even wear pink. Here’s a pic of me and my friend Cary from last year…look at how everyone else is dressed!!

Last year = Lame! Where’s the Pink?
This year = WAAAAAY more festive!
This year I saw a half dozen tutus…and a lot more pink. Let’s keep the fun train rollin! I’m looking forward to seeing next year. I might have to step up my game!

The night before the race I got roped into playing softball. I dont like softball but they needed a girl or they’d forfeit so Jenster stepped up to the plate. Literally. I was catcher and holy cow it’s hard to crouch down in 94*!!!! Luckily I’ve been doing weighted squats like a mother lover so the up and down didnt really bother me. What bothered me was the effing cotton shirt. I kept taking it off between innings. Everyone made fun of me for being too good for cotton but I forgot how horrible sweating in cotton is…EEEEEWWWWW

Yeah, there’s shadow…but a lot of sweat. And this is only 20 min into the game!

Like anything new, softball left me sore in weird places the next morning. At first I was glad I wasnt racing but when I got outside it felt amazing! 70 degrees and 84% humidity (I just looked it up and I’m surprised…it felt a lot less humid)…and it was overcast! Woohoo!

My friend Shannon and I started at the very back, because there was confusion on whether or not strollers were allowed in the competitive (chip timed) race. Since I was late, we took out time getting baby girl into her tutu and decorating the stroller with pink duct tape and bows.

Baby girl not too excited about her tutu.

Baby Boy is super excited for his first race!

Jenster is SUPER excited for her first double stroller race!

We started off strong…kinda. About 100 ft from the start line the front wheel was shaking. Momma Shannon (who hadnt used it much before the race) tightened it and we were off again! until about 100 ft later when it was shaking again. Some other stroller people that we had passed in the whole 2 seconds we had been running stopped to help. We took off again…and….yup…..rickity wheel again. I said I’d roll with it if babies were cool with a litle jostling but we stopped to ask a cop and medics on bikes if they could help. The three men put on their Mr Fix it caps and looked at if for about a minute. I wish I had gotten a pic of it, as it really just fits Shannon and I – were total trainwrecks. Finally the guys said they were locking the wheel, which would make it harder to turn…but should stop the rattling.


People cheered a lot for us last year in the tutus. But throw in a double stroller and EVERYONE encourages you! I’ve never gotten so many cheers in any race – not even CMM in the full cowboy outfit and mustache…and not even dressed as Snooki through Georgetown during MCM.

Our splits were even, even though we really werent paying attention to time, and I have to admit it was kind cool being that a**hole passing people pushing a double stroller, going up hill, wearing a tutu. Granted we were in the back so we were passing the slowest of the slow…but still, I think I gave some guys an ultimate chicking!!

Not gonna lie, it was hard pushing the babies up hills and making sure it wasnt runaway stroller on the down hills….but overall I had fun with my friend, who’s getting back into rock star Pikermi Princess shape! There were def some times I asked the babies to pull an ET and fly…but they did the opposite and just kept getting heavier. I swear they doubled in weight during the race. The finish was uphill..so Shannon and I each took a side of the stroller and bangled with the free arm. I’m hoping there’s a pic of that somewhere. 

We were greeted by Ellie at the finish, who modeled her OSOM outfit…and the a squillion photographers jumped out to take our picture. They almost seemed to be waiting in line. Maybe we’ll show up in the paper again??

I’m tempted to photoshop Ms Ritz in here. See the paparazzo in the background??
Overall, that’s as good as it gets for a 5k. We finished in 39:46, which is technically a PW…but I think we’ll call it a double stroller/costume PR!!WooHoo!!!
I was def sore in weird places. My hands were really sore from gripping the stroller, I’d say the pads below my thumbs were the most sore spot on my body. My shoulders were a bit sore too…but I’m not sure how much of that is from pitching balls during softball. I have a Double header today…so we’ll see how I do!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂 Good Luck to this weekends racers!

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