What’s that? MORE COWBELL??

Well, as you might have read from Shaun’s Running of the Bulls Report, we had a grand adventure this past weekend. This is my side of the story. For you lazy readers/skimmers, I’ve provided the abridged version in big bold letters (but you’re prob not even reading this part anyway)
I’m the Ace of (First) Base!
Friday’s Softball Double header went well. I still dont like it…but I think what I hate most (besides the effin cotton shirt) is that is takes 2 hours of training time away!! Is softball Cross Training?? I dont do much other than sweat. I swam a mile before the double header because I wanted something to put in the log. Too bad I forgot swimming makes me feel like I havent eaten in a decade. I was STARVING! Some of the spectators brought their dogs and dont think that it didnt cross this Asian’s mind…(KIDDING!).
Despite the famine, I manage to get to third base!!! I never even made it to first during the last game…so getting to first called for a Bangle Pump!!! 
Maybe next time I’ll even score?!  If so I’ll do the dance of joy!!!!
Of course, we lost both games of the double header….but what the heck! 
Shaun goes to a Bar…on a Race Night!!
I had enough time to shower before Shaun arrived in the nick of time. Brave Shaun stepped out for a brief night out. It was a tame night by Jenster standards, but we had a 5:45 wake up call. Here’s proof Shaun came out…and owns a shirt (sorry, Shaun, thought I gave you a copy of this)
Shaun…in a bar…before a race!!!
Jenster is a Moron….
We left my place around 6 am. The race started at 7:15 and I was supposed to be at a volunteer meeting at 6:30. We were right on schedule when about 5 miles from our destination, the highway was shut down and we were forced to exit. Now, I dont venture out in Durham much…I used to moonlight at a bar close to Duke…but other than the highway, I have no idea how to get there!! To make matters worse, I had left the race director’s nicely prepared instructions on my couch. Rut-roh! 
It was a really well organized race. Too bad I can’t read!
I figured I could still find the Durham Bulls Stadium since I have GPS on my phone. We got to the Stadium and saw nothing. I GPSed the intersection they told us to park, which they said was across the street from the stadium….but GPS said was about a mile away. Rather than be smart and go to that intersection anyway, we parked and went to a water table to ask where to go. They had no idea. Hmmmmm. At this point Shaun said see ya…and took off running.
A little after 7am I finally got to the registration table. Yup, 30 minutes late. Guess what? We were supposed to go to the OLD stadium. Who knew Durham had 2??? Well, now you do. 
…But an Excellent Cheerleader!
Cowbell in hand, I got to my post. Since the RD thought I wasn’t coming, two sweet college students greeted me. We chatted a bit..and then I spotted the lead cyclist! The front runner was cruisin!!! I had a perfect spot at the top of the hill and cheered on runners to get up the hill as best I could. Operation: Lose My Voice was in full swing. I managed to spot Shaun, despite an overflow of shirtless runners rockin the slutties! I never found Meredith. She never saw me either 😦
M said she was wearing bright orange…apprently so was everyone else! Let’s just pretend one of these peeps is her 🙂
I volunteer a lot, and I have to say course monitor is my fav job. You’re basically an official cheerleader. I screamed my head off and rocked the cowbell. No one missed my turn. And, of course, lots of thank yous from runners. I LOVE RUNNERS!
After the last runners came through, we gathered the cones and walked to the finish to keep on cheering. Of course, I saw Shaun finish…but I finally saw Meredith!!! What a rock star!!!
I ran through to try to catch M finishing….I really did manage to snag a pic of her…but I dont have a cool super-zoom-across-a-baseball-field camera. You still have to pretend…but that really is her!
M is all the way to the right. I promise 🙂
I found poor Shaun still wandering around in his slutties. The guy in the foreground was wearing the awesome race shirt – its Nike Dri-fit!
Overall, I have to say I’m very impressed with Bull City Running. The race was one of the best I’ve volunteered for…organization and instructions were fabulous (if bother to remember them- DUH) and you can tell these people really know what they’re doing. I’ll def be looking for more events from them. 
We’re Famous!!!
On a total side note – SHAUN AND I WERE RECOGNIZED!! A lovely loop lurker came up to ask us if we were THE Shaun and Jenster (Meredith got nuttin because she really needs to post more!). The lurker said she didnt blog…but I think she has to post her race report now. Dont you guys agree???? So, forget about leaving me love in the comments- tell Ms Maryland to post her report!!!!!
Get in my belly! (no pics of food, you’re welcome!)
Of course, we had a nice post-race meal (is it still post race if I didnt run???)  that left me too full to get a run, swim, or bike later..so I laid out at the pool instead (I hadnt had a rest day yet anyway) and drank sangria. Yeah…no Operation: Get Sluttie for me but Operation: Fun in the Sun gettin my Drink On is pretty much accomplished. Nike Women’s Marathon training picks up soon so until then –  I’m still living the dream!
Speaking of NWM training….here’s one of my training races:
9/17 Asheville Citizen Times Pikermi
It’s a mini-Loop event!!! So far we have:
  • ME!
  • Shaun
  • Meredith
  • James True
  • Special Guest from a southern state (I’m not saying in case she’s waiting for a grand annoucement.
  • William of NC
  • Irish (she’s not official…but you know she’s coming!)
I think anyone kinda close to Asheville, NC who wants to run a hilly Pikermi should come up. It’s only $45 and there’s multiple hills of death!!! Plus we’re planning a post race trip to the Highland Brewery for a tour. SFS? RC? Come on down 🙂

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