Aquathon RR!! Just call me Aquawoman!!!

For those of you not versed in multi-sport lingo an Aquathon is Swimming and Running. Since biking is def my weakest area in tris, I jumped at the $20 registration. Plus, who can resist this description???
You will start out swimming 300 meters then transition to run 1 mile, transition to swim 300 meters then transition to run 1 mile, transition to swim 300 meters then transition to run 1 mile.  In the end you will have completed 900 meters in the water, run 3 miles and completed 5 transitions!
Now, everyone knows I hate the shorties (My long term 5k race goal is “Don’t Die”) – I’m an LSD girl in pretty much everything I do….so 6 sprints in a row should have turned me off. However, death by alternating swim and run sprints sounded like prime Hump Day fun!
I offered this amazing race on a platter to everyone I knew, who all told me I was crazy…but managed to recruit my friend Ryan. I’ve been trying to get him to do a race with me all year, and he finally ran his first 5k a few weeks ago (in 20:xx….I hate boys…esp those with natural speed). Of course the first race infected him with the running bug so the Aquathon was an easy sell. He also brought along his friend Heather.
Ryan and me pre-race
Race Day (Wednesday – my first mid-week race) featured scattered T-Storms. T-Storms and I do not get along after Nashville 2010. Every time I heard thunder in my office I growled back. I must have scared the storms away because it was sunny and muggy as heckola when I left work. By the time I pulled into the planned carpool meeting spot, it was noticeably cooler and less humid…but the storm seemed to be resurfacing and it didnt seem scared of my GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRs.
We were in for an unpleasant surprise when we got to transition -SAND!!!! My first sand transtion…and I’d be coming out of the water to sand 3 times! Holy Suckfest!!!!!!! 
BLERG!!!! SAND!!! But look at that awesome sky!
Pre-race briefing told us that the storm didnt look like it was moving but if they had to cancel the race they’d sound the alarm. The lightning in the distance didnt make me feel good, but there are worse ways to die, right?
The sky on the other side of transition, not so pretty
They didn’t do a waved start and that meant 70+ people in the water at once. It was mass chaos!! I tried to hang back (a fast swim time wasn’t worth getting kicked) but I kept coming up on people.
**Kick to the face**
 Ouch! At least my goggles prevented a black eye.
**Kick to the chest**
HOLY MOLEY THAT HURT LIKE A MOTHER. I inhaled a little water but luckily it was really shallow on the way to the first buoy so I was able to stand up (think Little John in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) and get my sh*t together. I ended up getting kicked in the face again – all before reaching the first buoy!!! The rest of the swim was uneventful. According to Timex Swim1: 6:44 (the official times include transition time in with the swim – booo).
Quick laces were a great investment! 
I took the time in T1 to rinse my feet off before puttin on my shoes (no socks – NB Minimuses Rock) but running out of T1 in the sand allowed some to get in my shoes anyway. T1: 58 seconds.
Running after swimming is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier than running after biking. I’ve heard of people in tris forgetting to take off their bike helmet, well, I forgot to take off my swim cap. It really wasn’ too bad to run in – I just looked like a toolbox. What was annoying during the run?? Well, Jenster forgot to pack a sports bra. And let’s just say my boobs laugh at the built-in bra in my tri top. A little more bounce than is appropriate. I figure I’m runnin covered in sand so I might as well do my best Baywatch impression, right?? Sorry if that’s TMI. But the run was only a mile. I dont have much else to say about it πŸ™‚ Run1: 9:44
I didn’t time T2 but it look something like 15 seconds to kick off my shoes and grab my goggles. 
Swim was totally different the second time around. Being a slower runner most people were already getting back out for the run. I ended up swimming way out after the first turn – I didn’t realize it until I got close to the farthest No Wake post. Who knows how far I swam this time. All I know is as I was swimming back in towards the second buoy, I saw lightening right when I came up to sight. It might as well been a shark fin – FREAKY! I looked at one of the kayak guys – who probably had his eye on me because I was headed towards the middle of the lake for so long…but he looked calm…so I stayed calm and got my butt back to shore. Swim2: 7:32
By the third transition my towel and shoes were caked in wet sand. I tried to brush some of it off but it was pretty useless. It’s only a mile. If I can dodge lightening bolts then I can handle wet, sandy shoes for a mile. T3: 50 seconds
I felt heavy during the second run. Body Pump and a 6 mile Tempo Tuesday probably wasn’t the best idea the day before a race. I picked a chick rockin the slutties and bra top (she obviously on the Sluttie Wagon) and mentally hooked myself onto her. I had no desire to pass her…I just needed something to focus on so I didn’t die. Run2: 10:16
I stuck behind the same girl for the swim. It was nice just using her as a pacer. Nothing to think about. Stroke-stroke-Breathe and it was a lot easier to look for her rather than he buoy that kept seeming to move (even from shore after the race – it really looked like those buoys had moved a lot since the start). I really managed to catch my breath on this final swim…and felt pretty relaxed exiting the water. Swim3: 7:17
I didn’t time T4 or T5….but results have my swim time as 8:53….so 1:36 between the two transitions. By these last two I had stopped trying to run from T4 to the water and run on the exit from the water. I quit Baywatch. 
Since the course was an out and back I kept seeing Ryan and Heather. Ryan gave me a high 5 as he was coming in for his last 200 m…while I still had 1400m to go. Did I mention I hate guys with natural speed?? The last mile felt easier than the second. I ended up Slightly behind the sluttie chick at the start of the run and managed to catch up with her (woohoo – I rarely target people during my races so this was a big win). I stayed right behind her for 3 minutes and finally made me move to pass her. I passed someone!?!! No time for the Dance of Joy – hold on and don’t die!!! Run3: 9:59
Woohoo!!! 900 meters swimming, 3 miles running, 2 boobs-a-bouncing, multiple bolts of lightning, 5 tran-sit-ions (it’s like the 12 freakin days of Christmas!) in 55:14 and I didn’t die!!!!!! HAHA. It was actually quite fun. 
I’m def signing up for the next Aquathon, which isn’t nearly as crazy – 400m swim, 3 mile run, 400m swim. Ryan and Heather had an awesome time too…they will possibly be back for more πŸ™‚
Lookin a bit beat up in the parking lot…but ready for more!!
Next up: TRI on Sunday!!! 

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