Asheville Half Marathon: The Batmobile lost a wheel…

I’m not a hill lover…so why would I got towards the mountains of NC for a Pikermi??

  1. Medfirecracker (Meredith) raved about it and sold it to me and William for weeks during the club run.
  2. Mr CK lives in Asheville and I found out CK was signed up…and we all know what a girl crush I have on her.
  3. I foolishly signed up for a full marathon in San Francisco and I needed to climb some hills  of death to practice not dying  

My main motivation was #3. This summer has been fun of heartbreaking, confidence crushing long runs and I was terrified of a death march in SF. Blame it on the heat. Blame it on being a pansy. Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol…
And I wasn’t looking forward to Asheville either. 
Luckily, intermittent Loopster William kept mentioning dressing up. As a costumed racing vet (MCM – SnookiKKC – CopCMM – Cowgirl), I took the bait. How can you dread a race when you get to dress up???? My original costume idea, to play off William’s Batman, was to take a nurses’ s uniform and be Heath Ledger’s Joker. It was pretty awesome in my head. 
Unfortunately, even with all the Mean Girls I’ve been watching lately, I forgot the most important thing about female costumes:
In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy.

In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.
Unfortunately, Nurse costumes fit better over push up bras than sports bras. Last minute substitute: Robin!
My first duty as Robin was to take care of The Penguin!! 
Shaun and William packed the Pruis with testosterone and we managed a very uneventful drive to Asheville 
Of course, uneventful is too good to be true. Once again, I’m confused how in the world of GPS, directions still fail to give addresses. Similar to When Jenster thought the Durham Bulls Athletic Park was the Durham Bulls Stadium, Jenster got the Sherril Center confused with the Civic Center, which we kept seeing signs for. An expensive and annoying 20 min later, we were at the very empty packet pick up and Expo. 
Get out of my way!
Followed by dinner:
There’s eggplant in there – yum!
Hotel Check-in:
I wonder what housekeeping would have thought if these were up while they straightened up??
Then on to the fun stuff!!! We went out on the town to meet CK, Mr CK, Meredith, and Mr Meredith at a Chocolate Lounge. Yes, ladies, you read that correctly. A CHOCOLATE LOUNGE!
Now, I’m not really a chocolate fan….but believe me when I tell you that the smell of this place – chocolate and coffee (and beer and wine) will make you weak in the knees. As if that wasn’t awesome enough….look who I FINALLY got to meet!!!!
This was the non-creepy version…but still open mouth!!
Oh lordy is this lady everything I imagined and more! We hugged and bounced up and down like yappy dogs and it was awesome. Soon enough, Meredith and her posse showed up. It was Loop awesomeness!
Meredith, Me, and CK…in case you need help
The boys wanted nothing to do with us
Sadly, the night ended too early but William and I had crime to fight – I mean a race in the morning…and I needed sleep or the hills of death would get me. I guess I was tempting death because I barely slept 2 hours!! Ugh. 
We decided to meet at Meredith’s posh hotel near the start. People loved the costumes. I’ll be the first to admit Williams was way more awesome than mine..but I think we were the best dressed peeps on the course!
William, CK, Me, Meredith, Shaun **We also met up with NorthernLass, but as you all know she doesn’t have a she’s not in any of my pics. 
The start was crowded but not bad. I think I appropriately placed myself in the middle of the pack. My plan was to take it easy on the ups, try to make up time on the downs, and finish with enough energy to determine if that will work in SF. 
The splits are really really ugly, but my effort was pretty even. Here’s the elevation:
Pretty much I walked all of the steep hills. I stopped feeling bad about it when I realized I was passing people running while I was walking. Plus I was catching up with Meredith and her boy on the downs up until mile 9. Mile 9 was evil. With Evil people who told you the top was around the corner. I walked the ENTIRE mile (14:26) and I dont feel bad or regret it. I know if I had attempted it, I would have crashed and burned. 
Goofy face means I’m having fun, right??
It was during mile 9 I picked up a friend! Long time readers might remember Ken, who accompanied me for the last 25.7 miles of the Shamrock Marathon. This guy reminded me of Ken a lot. He’d run 56 marathons and was a big fan of Robin. 
Well, everyone was a fan of Robin. It was funny how many volunteers asked me if I knew there was a Batman. There was literally no one else in full costume…so I think the odds of Batman and Robin knowing each other was pretty high. Others would tell me “Batman just passed!” which we all know is a dirty, dirty lie. I found myself saying “Batman has been done for an hour!” or “I’ve got rear security!” a lot. There were a lot of kids on the course spectating, and they loved it. Some called me super girl, but I’ll take it because they gave me high 5’s. It was better than fist pumping past drunk college students in Georgetown and def gave me tons of energy. I could only imagine the fun William had.
My new friend helped me up the last few hills, which I slowly ran with his coaching. Well, I did walk up the final bad boy, but that one was just evil. Check out CK coming up this thing. It looks like Incpetion when Ellen Page folds the city in half. 
I crossed way better than expected – 2:19:27 and I had enough energy to know that I could have done it again. The second half of SF isn’t going to be pretty, but at least the 2nd half is flatter and I now longer view 10/16 as doomsday thanks to Asheville. 
Post race, I was able to easily find the gang, despite not having a phone (I had to give my bag to MR CK because I couldnt find bag check). We had our post race beer. And post race dance party. 
The rest of the weekend was a blur of beer, naps, and fun times. Loopster races really are the best kind. I can’t wait for Philly!!

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