Philly Marathon Photo Timeline

Im having trouble putting Philly into words. Luckily now I dont have to…I’ll get my RR up soon enough. But here’s a photo timeline:
11:30 AM – I arrived in Philly earlier than expected, And the Mayor welcomed us!!
Mayor Nutter doesnt realize he’s just invited 70 of the most awesome people in the world to his city. 
1:15 pm – JJ has landed!!! Didn’t get a pic but she’s awesome. I’d met her briefly in October 2010 so we had a lot to catch up on.
1:30 pm – John Duffy Express swoops in to take us to the Double Tree. We call Philly Runatic to tell her we’ll prob head to the Expo within the hour (That never happened).
2:00 pm Checked in. Awesome Room with a view.
Connecting rooms – Sooooo freakin Awesome!!
2:05 pm: Text from the crazy WV loopsters and Running Eng  that I’m behind on my Yeunglings.
They’ve started without me!!! 
2:30 pm: Is it too early for triple f!sting? (Really pluck, I can’t say that word, but we can say vag)???
This was probably a bad idea
2:45 pm Holly’s here!!!! Damn, Philly beat me to the hug…and I’m too impatient to wait my turn!!
Love these girls!
2:46 pm Philly left because Holly and I crushed her.
I probably drank a beer for every Loopster that came in.

Maranda got in and I owed her a birthday shot. It’s either gonna be a long night or an early night.
Dark o’clock: MEGAN’S HERE!!!!!
Where’s Zam????? I think I win for hottest roommates 🙂
Drunk o’clock: Cheesesteak time. It isnt very good, but I’m not picky at drunk o’clock.
I think surviving the Cheesesteak is a bigger accomplishment than surviving the race!!
9:00 pm: Passed out!!!!!
I think around 10ish: ErinB and NCAthlete are in…vaugely remember a hug and more sleep.
11:00 pm: Wake up and the party is still going on in the room. I’m coherent again. Take some tums because my body is fighting the Cheesesteak.
Kick-ass Slumber Party!
8:45 am: Fight with my hungover self on doing the shake out run.
9:10 am: Run wins. I got to run in the Cowbell shirt Clynn gave me!!
We almost missed the group – I didnt even have time to put on my other glove!
9:45 am: Ran way faster than my easy pace (more like my 10k pace)….I wish I could run with Loopsters every week – I might not be so gosh darn slow!
Only in my dreams can I keep up with these runners!
10:30 am: I-HOP with some lovely ladies.
Syrup in Coffee?! Why didn’t I think of that??!! – Buddy the Elf
12:30 pm: On the way to the Expo. Bumped into Loopsters coming bak from Expo. Photo Op!
I love all of JB’s pictures!
Philly Skyline on way to Expo
12:45 – 1:15 pm: Walk around the Expo. Meet up with Greg, Ms Ritz, and Ket’sMeow before heading back.
CK and Clynn in line…they were long but moved fast
1:30 pm: Back to DoubleTree for Tshirt Time!
2:00 pm: Infamous Love Park group gathering.
Thinking I’m sneaky, having Mike photo bomb Bangle’s Picture…but I just look dumb 🙂
 Mike and the Ladies – see how tall Run Monkey is??!
3:30 – 5:30 pm: Bucca!!!!
DSC00816 DSC00819
My table Rocked!!
Dave’s Speech, Sorry the sound is bad – my phone kinda sucks!
6:00 pm: We give a box of left overs to a man on the street. He asked for the bag but Eliz says she can’t because there’s a doll in there. Man says ok like that’s a perfectly logical answer.
7:00 pm: We finally get back to hotel because we followed Bergueax, who said he knew the way.
7:30 pm: Puffy Paint Party!!!
My Masterpiece!
8:30 pm: Find out we missed seeing Accidental Runner. I dont have her number but I have numbers of people who have her number (I was told I have a lot of Loop phone numbers). Greg comes through with the room#…MK, Eliz, Zam, and I spend an awesome but too short hour with this lovely one.
10:00 pm BEDTIME!!!!
Wake up every hour because of a Zombie Apocalypse of whatever was going on outside….horns and sirens and yelling all night long (All night. All night)
5:00 am – Wake up….something about running/dancing a PR Marathon next to the world’s most amazing friend- RR to come.
2:00 pm – Pizza in the room. Shower. Amazing.
3:30 pm – Text from Sass that there’s free beer for marathoners. I dont ask questions but we ended up blowing the keg.
4:00 – 5:00 pm – Unsuccessful attempt at napping. Too busy listening to MK and Eliz counting Loopee Votes. You people really do have interesting crushes!!
7:00 pm Field house Party.
Mr Bacon had a line longer than Mickey at Disneyland, but worth it!
Pretty girls
Weirdo Boys
Shot time!!!
Oriental Express to Funky Town!!
Sometime Later……Karaoke. Pretty Epic….pics cannot describe the fun times.
3:00 am Loop Breakfast Club! They are the ultimate rock stars!
Sign of a great night!!!!! And that I should have been in bed hours ago!
11:30 am Looping in the lobby waiting for Philly Runatic to meet us for lunch
 It’s the crack we cant resist!
12:00-1:00 pm Goodbye lunch with Philly
2:00 pm Lick the Liberty Bell
We didnt really do it. We’re not gross.
3:30 pm Cab to airport 😦 Hang out at the terminal until people leave. There might have been a few tears.
Thanks for a fabulous weekend. Loopsters get more and more fabulous with each meeting. I can wait for our paths to cross again. I can’t wait to meet those of you I havent met. Anytime with a Loopster is Definitely the Time of My Life!!!
 * Thanks to everyone whose pics I stole, Esp JB!

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