RR: Charlotte Ultra. Suckiest 50k PR EVER!!!!!

When I have a sucky race, I like to wait a while before writing a report. Most of the time the suckiness subsides and I start to believe my delusions that it was a grand ol’ time. 
It didnt work this time. Sorry for the suckfest below. 
In a nutshellll – I PR’d by over an hour and I got to spend almost the whole time with a loopster (which is always awesome!) but the whole day kinda left me blah. 
The long, long version – You never know what you’re going to get with an inaugural race. Although I have no real complaints about the organization, this race was lacking in the awesome charisma of a trail race/ultra. It didnt help that it was on a greenway. I knew that going in….but when Northernlass and I signed up, the course description was out and back. We found out later that the 10k race was out and back. The 50k was the 10k repeated 5 times. WTF?
I usually stay with a friend when I do Charlotte races, but I tend to go out the night before because I dont mind doing a half marathon after a late night. I havent quite worked my way up to a hungover 50k so Northern Lass and I forked over the big bucks for a hotel room. Poor thing was running late, but you know I pulled through on having the pre-race beer waiting 🙂
You know I have to have a least one before a race. Dont worry, I saved some for NorthernLass!
After some chatting, we hit the lights…and hoped the morning rain would hold off. 
The race start was…interesting. With the distances being 10k and 50k, you could spot who was running what pretty easily. 
The guy wearing khakis – def 10k. 
I immediately recognized two guys from my 50k debut. They were the ones I was with at the very beginning when we were kinda lost. They were a funny duo…they remind me of the two old men from the muppets that just heckle everyone. Not becuase they’re old, but they have that delicate combination of being really cynical and really laid back all at the same time. At one point they asked me about training…and I said I was on the drink beer and run a little plan. One said it was the worst thing he ever heard. The other said that it was an OSOM plan and he approved. I bet they have great discussions.
Cones….I hate cones. 
A light rain started pretty early into the race. The 5k out, 5k back course was flat with about 2k on gravel and 3k on pavement. 3 aid stations, with every kilometer marked. It reminded me of the marathon I did in Canada, in which by the time I saw 37k I was convinced the metric system was created by sadistic a-holes. 
The first 10k wasnt so bad. I didnt feel that great and, honestly, if it had been a training run I would have cut it then. I kept hoping I’d hit a groove. I didnt feel good at the last rodeo until mile 24. I kept waiting for the sucky feeling to be replaced with the relief of lunacy…The point when things have just sucked for so long that you lower your standards and decide suck is the new OSOM. 
Either the start of the 4th or 5th lap. Who cares?
By the eend of the 4th lap it was clear fun wasnt going to happen. By then NL and I were pretty much in silence anyway and she was feeling a lot better than me so I told her to go. I tried walking a bit but after 5 hours the body was like “I only do one motion, weirdo” so I went back to the shuffle.
What’s odd is, nothing really hurt (besides my feet…from sliding in wet shoes). I didnt feel like it was a fueling issue. I just couldnt go faster…and I was miserable. I didnt wanna be out there.  
Prob the cutest drowning pic I’ve ever seen. Oh, and I swear Zombies were hiding in the underpass. 
My fellow runners seemed equally as miserable. They were very friendly for the most part. Saying “hi” and “good job” the first 1-2 laps turned to smiling and waving and by the 4th and 5th lap we were basically grunting at each other. It’s the thought that counts. 
I crossed in 6:13:07. A 73 min PR….but I dont really think it counts since the course was ridiculously easy…and I should have done better, should have felt better. The only consolation was chickin 2 guys in the last mile. 
NL and I warmed up at a nearby Wendy’s. We joked about getting Baconators for doing 50k in the rain….but we knew it would be a bad idea. We had also planned on going out in Charlotte that night…but I think our beds were calling our names…so we said good bye and drove 2.5 hours in opposite directions. 
Overall I was pretty crabby when I got home but after a shower and a nap, I felt fine. It felt more like I ran 20 miles than 31…so when a good girl friend I dont see often enough asked me to come out, I got as dolled up as possible, and hit the town…in heels. 
Funny – I thought I’d get my second wind at mile 25….got it a just bit late!
And then won the 2am Twister game. How many people can say that after 31 miles?

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