Bandit Acts of Silliness (An Aquathon RR)

Long time readers will remember that I did not renew my USAT membership this year because I’ve already blown my race budget and didnt need the temptation of signing up for triathlons this summer. It’s sad, but paying an extra $12 per race without a USAT membership is a good way to make sure I dont rationalize more races into the schedule. No Triathlons this year, no Aquathons 😦
So when a guy wearing a USAT hat asked to join my trivia group last Monday, we ended up talking about events and he mentioned a Wednesday race. I instantly knew he was talking about an Aquathon. He told me to come, said he’d look out for me. Ugh, twist my arm!!
It was the crazy 300 m swim, 1 mile run, 300 m swim, 1 mile run, 300 m swim, 1 mile run race. Six legs, 5 transitions. I was nervous going in, as my swimming has been very slack since tri season ended last year. I’ve swam for recovery…but the last time I swam while wearing a watch and counting laps was in August!! I knew I wasnt going to drown, even though this was the race I got kicked in the face and in the chest last year, but I knew I’d be a weak swimmer.
So, to spice up my race, I decided to bandit the Random Acts of Silliness. I fully planned on doing a variation of the Pineapple Parade but with only one day to prepare, I was forced to do a one-stop-shop between leaving work and getting to the 6:30 race. Target  was lacking in pineapples. So I picked up a watermelon, a child’s grass skirt that I hoped would fit, and a sharpie. I set a record for the least amount of money I’ve ever spent at Target – $6 (thanks Garbo!) and headed to the lake.
Not one person asked why I was putting a swim cap on a watermelon
I think they were avoiding eye contact!
I did a quick bouyancy test.  She passed
Now, I’m not gonna give you a break down….the race was really similar to last year (Last year’s report), except I didnt get kicked, I remembered a sports bra, and there was a watermelon involved.  I swam, put on shoes, ran, took shoes off,swam, put on shoes, ran, took shoes off,swam, put on shoes, and ran. My sighting was horrible on the swims and the choppy water didnt help…I was all over the place! Booo.
There wasnt a video or even a picture of the action. But I’ll let the times tell the story. Here’s last year’s times vs this years time.
            Swim1    Run1     Swim2     Run2      Swim3     Run3     Time (with transitions)
2011    6:44         9:44      7:32        10:16         7:17         9:59        55:14.7
2012    8:26         9:19     10:37        9:22         10:38        9:06       1:00:59
Ugh, a lot slower than last year. I wish I could blame the choppy water (spoiler alert, I can’t blame the melon. Never trust a bandit) but the truth is, I sucked at swimming. At least the runs were better!
When I got home, I introduced Miss Melon to Mr Penguin, but they didn’t really get along.
I left them alone for a few minutes
Darn you, penguin! This is why we cant have friends over to play!
So we ate her. RIP Miss Melon.
Miss Melon and I in happier times. Pic kindly taken by the run club guy, who wasn’t 100% weirded out by me.  
 I’m a little disappointed in how much I currently suck at swimming… but it was a fun, spur of the moment race and I’m trying my best to fight the urge to sign up for more multisport events. I forgot how addicting these are!
Many thanks for the Muskrateers for letting me play along! Good luck!

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