Frosty 50k

January 2013 sucked. EVERY* run was difficult, including this one. Spoiler: This race blew….and I’m only posting it so I can move on to the Raccoon Report.

January 5, 2013
Frosty 50K

It was on a stupid easy course. I thought I could beat my other stupid easy 50k course time. Given my most recent marathons, I was expecting to slide in just under 6 hours.

There are a lot of excuses, I had developed some freak knee pain after some lunges the week before, I thought I was coming down with something, but most of all I didn’t sleep the night before the race. Random back story that’s really, really long. I wrote the whole thing out….and then decided against posting. As outgoing as I am, I really don’t like airing out my personal life…so we’ll leave it at – I was dating a guy, it turned out a girl friend of mine knew him from a long time ago (we’re talking middle school), girl friend acted like it was great but went PSYCHOTIC – finding fault with him, constantly asking for details so she could spin it into him being a bad guy, telling me I was a bad friend when I asked her to leave it alone. She stressed me out so much I stopped liking the guy. Even after I broke it off, she was still sending me crazy texts saying some really mean and ridiculous things. I’m not used to fighting with my friends…and the few times I have it wasn’t long before things were worked out**. The night before the race, she upset me so much I just laid there wide awake all night.

By the time my alarm went off, I was relieved I didn’t have to stress about how I wasn’t sleeping anymore. Luckily a (sane) girl friend of mine rode with me on the 90 min drive to Winston-Salem. The drive was uneventful…

…packet pickup made up for it. They couldn’t find my bib 😦 Timing chip was on the bib. We were outside and it was FREEZING. I still had to drop off my bag. I wanted to pee before the race…but I stood there….and stood there….and stood there….

FINALLY after a good 20 min someone more official came over and made me a bib out of a stack of 5k bibs. Great, it even said 5k on it. I hate 5ks. Now I get to think about how I’m doing something I hate 10 times. Grrrr.

You might remember Melissa and our joke – Racin Asians = Raisins

My plan was to stick to 10:45 – 11:00 the whole time…this should have been a comfortable, steady pace for me for 31 miles…esp given the temps and the course. I was really just using it as a long run for Rocky Raccoon anyway.

First 8 miles were uneventful and right on target. I had a small hope that the complete lack of sleep wasn’t going to effect me.  Somewhere around the turn around on the first 15.5 out and back, I hit the wall. I started doing 10:1 walk breaks thinking that might be able to save me from the death march I knew I was approaching.

I came into the start finish right around 3 hours. It was technically where I wanted, but I felt horrible and was dreading the next 15.5. I talked about my desire to quit with NCAthlete, who was there to cheer for William of NC (who was kickin major butt, BTW). But in the end, I went out for what was sure to be 15.5 miles of torture.

I was really hoping one of the falling rocks would hit me on the head….

Probably the only good thing that came out of this death march – I wore the shoes I was planning on sporting at Rocky. They have been good to me in a few other 50ks…but my feet HATED them at that moment. Every time someone passed me wearing Hoka’s I wanted to jump them for their cushy shoes. “Why didn’t I bring a knife?” might have crossed my mind (KIDDING!).

I saw my friend Melissa at my mile 18, her mile 26. I told her I was miserable…she said if I wanted to drop she’d walk back with me to the start. It was tempting, but I knew the turn around was close to the start so I decided it would be easier to drop there. She told me later she wouldn’t normally encourage a DNF, but I looked so miserable…because I was and knew I had hours of misery left. 

Dog has the right idea. 
If you want an idea of how miserable I was – I hit 26.2 at 5:32. That’s 17 minutes slower than I finished the Raleigh Marathon (and Raleigh was a harder course…and the weather was better for Frosty...and I ran a freakin marathon the day before Raleigh). I kept waiting for the suck to fade…that second wind that comes when you decide that pain and suck, although there, aren’t going to define the situation. It didn’t happen. I never embraced the suck.

We all know I didn’t end up dropping. I should have. My poor friend finished around 5 hours…and I came stumbling in at 6:37:18. Pathetic for a stupid easy course, even for a slow poke like me.

Add it to the collection. 

As unhappy as I am with this race, two things made me feel like it was worth it:

  1. Giving myself permission to buy new trail shoes or my feet would go on strike at Rocky
  2. As miserable as I was, I knew if I had to…I would have gone out for another 15.5. Since Rocky is 3 loops of 16.67…It gave me a lot of confidence that I’d finish the 50 miles, even if it was a total suckfest….and for some reason that made me really happy. 
*I lied, I had a good run on 1/28. Literally the only good run in January.
** Crazy friend has apologized…not getting into the details but let’s just say the friendship isn’t what it used to be 

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