Yo Momma Gave Me Cankles! (50K RR)

50s for Yo Momma 50k – May 11, 2013

Sas told me it was a PR course. And I like PRs.

But then it rained. A lot. And a rumor began to circulate that it would be muddy. Stream crossings would have a current. I thought about getting floaties just in case (and by just in case, I mean just in case I wanted to take amusing photos).

Shoe sucking mud

Mud = Slow and hard, which everyone in the ultra world knows translates to FUN FUN FUN!

The course was 6 loops of 5.2 miles. Billy and I took the first lap extra slow…the course was already a sloppy mess and it was only going to get worse.

Vertical mud prints on a hill = Slip, slip, slop.

Bring. It. On.

Loop number 2 was slightly faster. Billy and I knew the course and we were on the offensive. We were rockin it!

Roots that reminded me of Rocky Racoon? Beat it.

Big Ass Hole? Psh, I’ve seen bigger (That’s what she said)

Stairs? We are the Stair Masters!

And then, my trail hubris caught up and tripped me around mile 8. My ankle rolled and I tumbled down a hill.

Oh, the pain!! Seriously. Ouch. It took me a while to stand up and when I did, the ankle wasn’t happy. However, the aid station was a half mile away and I didn’t expect Billy to carry me so…

Jen and Bill came down a hill
and splashed across the water
Jen did her best not to cry like a pansy
And Bill was nice enough to stay by her

This was the hill we went down immediately post fall.

And the water we crossed followed by the muddy, slippery hill that you need workin ankles to climb.

Back at the start/finish, Billy got me some ice and I sat at the SAS cheer tent. Billy went ahead while I weighed pros and cons. I was only 10 miles in…and I didn’t want to quit. But with the Fargo Marathon in 7 days…quitting would be smart. I had a blanket. There was beer in the cooler and a solo cup with my name on it. What to do??

I decided one more loop wouldn’t kill me.

Ankle felt like crap in this section. Every time.

It wasn’t long before Nicole lapped me. She was kickin some serious butt….

 I had been going up the hard way when Nicole said there were secret stairs

I made some friends on the 3rd lap, who def put me in a good mood. Everyone who lapped me took the time to say I was doing awesome. Some of the fast guys even paused to make sure I could get up the muddy hills ok. I tend to think the tougher the race conditions the nicer the people (all the A-holes stay home)….and it’s especially true on trail ultras. The nice people helped me forget about how much my ankle hurt.

 I cant remember what he said, but he was nice

 Best course markings ever

I changed socks after my 3rd loop and decided one more lap wouldn’t kill me.

My 4th and 5th laps were mostly alone and they blurred together…so much that on my 6th lap I became scared I hadn’t done a 5th lap. I freaked out in the same way I do when I’m only 98% sure I shut my garage door. Not a good feeling, but it was yet another thing to distract me from the pain.

I’d look down a say, “You dont hurt!”

I crossed the finish at 10:28:30. For those keeping score at home, my 50k PR is 6:13:07 (on a stupid easy course….my non-stupid trail times are around 7.5 hours) so think twice before sas tries to sell you a course with the promise of a PR. In reality, I think it would have been a fast course if it hadnt been muddy…but it was a course that got worse with every loop.


The shoes loved it

Ankle, not so much

Wish me luck at Fargo!


  1. I really hope your ankle is doing better!

  2. ah, the mud was cankle deep. Now I get it.

    No, I don’t.

    (and i think barnacle is a dirty word on spongebob.)


  3. oops. Luck at Fargo!

    sorry. i forgot.

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