Beer Mile – Muskrat Challenge #4

Year of the Muskrat Challenge #4 — Beers consumed while running a Beer Mile.

The beer mile just happened to be the day after the Hatfield McCoy Marathon (RR to come). Most people wouldn’t plan to run a Beer Mile the day after a marathon. However, we all know a marathon followed by a 6 hour drive home is just another day for me so it’s pretty much the perfect Beer Mile prep.

My friend Melissa took care of everything, all I had to do was BYOB and show up.

aaShe even took care of the waiver!


Delicious watery beer (at least 5%, as per Beer Mile rules)


Melissa explaining the rules. We had a bit of an audience due to an event downtown

We ran .25 mile out and backs, which is surprisingly short. It took about a tenth of a mile before my body said “heeeey…you ran a marathon yesterday!”

Half split was 4:45 (told you we were official) and I was still feeling sober without a hint of vomiting. I wish I could say the same for some of the guys. I got to see the male winner dry heaving into a trash can. He finished his 4th lap before I finished my 3rd!


Winner with his trophy

Not gonna lie, the final beer didn’t go down as easy as the first 3…but I looked up to see another guy staring at his beer like it was the grossest thing ever (I mean, it’s PBR….basically water!).  He’s a fast runner, but obviously not a beer chugger…I might not be dead last!!

The last lap seemed to take forever – it felt worse than a 5k. Glancing at my watch, I realized I could still finish sub 10, whaaaaaaa? Yup, I pulled in a surprising 9:58.


Official Results


I was also first female 🙂


The original winner was DQ’d when his ID didn’t check out

I’m glad all my beer chugging paid off…sub 10 and not dead last. The day after a marathon on a hot and humid day…That muskrat mug is so mine!!

20130614-201002.jpgI need new feet if I’m gonna run a 7:03 (ok, I need a lot of things)

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  1. Nice shoes!!!

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