Adventures in Delaware

Imagine being magically whisked away to…Delaware!!!


Luckily I’m living the dream, so I don’t have to imagine. Two days and two nights by the beach, what more can a girl ask for?? How about a 5k with friends and chance to check off an item from the Year of the Muskrat list?

SPCA Race for the Paws

(The short, short version)

My training had been going well and I had come close to my 5k PR in a 3 mile tempo run. Despite being August, I really thought I had a good chance at a PR. Mother Nature even threw me a bone (which has to be a good sign at an SPCA benefit  race) by giving us cool temps. Unfortunately I was too cocky, couldn’t hold my pace, and burned out. I finished in 28:37, which is about 2 minutes slower than the plan. But I got a hilarious race picture out of the deal so I call the race a win.


Post race included 2 free drinks from a place with an awesome Bloody Mary bar.



After downing some drinks with a few splashes of the good stuff it was time to hit the beach.

Watermelon Swim!


A monkey could palm this melon with his foot (I mean that in the PG way)


The waves were big…and I wondered if I’d be able to swim 80m meters let alone 800. It’d be a miracle if I survived 8 waves!



I didn’t time it, or measure the distance, but all of the spectators on the beach (and yes, I had a ton of strangers watching and asking what the heck I was doing) were all very impressed I held on as long as I did. Suddenly, a HUGE wave picked me up and slammed me on the ocean floor. If I didn’t know better I’d say it was Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant


or whoever this guy is


Where’s an arteest to interpret the meaning of the picture on the red flag when I need one?

I lost the goggles, the snorkel, and the watermelon. I was very happy to surface with my swim suit.  But not as happy as this kid, who found my melon. He immediately ran to his parents…and who am I to ruin such a great story?


I went home with my own souvenir.


The moral of the story….pool running sucks.


  1. ouch! you look like you work in Produce.

    1. I’m a melon expert!

  2. Oh man that looks like it hurt!

    Did the flippers make it?

    1. The flippers are ok! Only because I couldn’t walk in them.

  3. Melancholy. You’re doing it wrong.

    1. Melancholy…makes me think of

      We are all doing it wrong

      1. I was into that band but never wanted to see them live because once at a show the singer peed on everyone in the front row.

        1. They should have provided everyone in the front row with a tarp like Gallagher.

  4. 🙂

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