Excuse Me While I Humble Brag Part 2

I can go on a freakin Jenny Craig commercial now. And I have even less of a butt, as if that was possible.


These used to be tight!

It’s been 90 days since I started Whole 30 and I’ve stuck to a mostly paleo diet since it ended. I don’t think I could have ever stuck to a paleo diet without the Whole 30 kick in the pants. Combined with running 50+ miles per week, the weight is melting off. I feel light but strong, which is awesome because I usually feel weak when I’m losing weight.

Aside from the body changes, my skin is looking awesome and my face is way less puffy. This is where most people seem to be noticing the difference…”the glow.” I know the pic quality is poor in the before pic but this was the most recent pre-whole 30 pic I could find where I was trying to be “dolled up.” New Jen kick’s old Jen’s butt (if either of us had one), don’t you think?


May 25, 2013                                                                                   September 21, 2013

Seriously…why didn’t I go paleo sooner??!!!


  1. Deucedeuce · · Reply

    You deserve a good brag–You look amazing!

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