Maybe I’m not a total Idiot

My body didn’t get the memo that I had  50 Mile PR 4 days earlier.

Tempo Wednesday – 7 Miles w/ 5 @ Faster than GMP (9:30)


Warm up and cool down weren’t too shabby either!

dI know this is what you’re thinking…but I’m a bit proud of myself 🙂


  1. I’m proud of you too!!!

    1. Thanks!!! You’re the cutest Croc I’ve ever seen!

  2. ^ not proud of the fact that I can’t spell my own damn name 😦

  3. Goodness. You rock! Will you still hang out with me at Marshall?

    BTW “Croc” isn’t too bad. I like it! 🙂

    1. Only if you teach me some italian!

  4. Over distance training ftw!

    1. Hopefully it works! Greg is skeptical. I’m sure it’s familiar to you…but almost ever run I feel stronger and faster at the end than the beginning.

  5. Bob Martinson · · Reply

    Stop trying to convince me run an Ultra 4 weeks before my Marathon!

    1. What if I told you 3 of my 4 fastest marathon times were ran with a marathon or ultra the weekend before?

  6. Dude, you’re a stud!
    There, that does NOT sound like it comes from a prissy lady clapping her fingertips. Whooping and fistbumping my left hand with the right over here.

    1. Thanks! Huge PR or bust!

  7. Not an idiot at all. . . says the girl who runs 38 miles and one week later a marathon. Yet, one week after that hits almost 50 miles. lol! Idiot or not, you are getting faster!!!

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