How can 3 nights sharing a tent get better?

Add 11 Bowls of Chili!

Wednesday 10/9 – 3 Bowls


Thursday 10/10 – 3 Bowls


Saturday 10/11 – 4 Bowls


Breakfast Chili (courtesy of Missy)


Dinner Chili (Courtesy of Vanessa)*

*actual photo of dinner chili taken by Lisa Miller….it is MIA but we have witnesses! Plus I think we both had seconds on the breakfast chili…and ate it with Shiner)

Sunday 10/12 – 1 Bowl


Knocked off 2 items from the Year of the Muskrat in one amazing weekend. 50k Report Preview:



  1. So much chili!!!!!

  2. I was cursing the tents vents because of the rain, but perhaps they were a blessing.

  3. wow. ya all a true almost inspiration ( still stinging over that u turn – bf incident).

  4. MildSauce · · Reply

    I like the one with the guy taking off his shirt in the background.

    1. I have 2 other takes of that one with the guy still taking it off. I can send them if you want..

      1. MildSauce · · Reply

        Please forward ASAP. It’s almost the weekend…

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