The hay is in the Barn

But I have no clue how to make sure it’s stacked right.

Greg would say throwing a 50 Miler and a 50k into the plan he made for me means it is definitely not stacked correctly.  Actually, take out “would” and add a few lines questioning my intelligence and you have what he actually said. Oops.


It’s done though…and I have to admit the confidence boost I got from feelin so freakin great during those 2 ultras is the only thing holding my junk together.

I’m nervous.

Which is crazy…Sunday will be marathon finish #19. Throw in Ultras it’ll be the 30th time I’ve crossed a finish line 26.2 miles or farther. You’d think I’d have this down by now. But most of those were fun runs. I didn’t train and it’s easy to hide behind that excuse when things don’t go well.

This time there’s a real goal. I’ve trained pretty darn hard for the goal and I’d really hate to come out of this feeling like I could have achieved the same time on the drink beer and run a little plan. I know I’ll PR unless something really stupid happens. But a 4:09 scares the bejeasus out of me. Can one run a marathon without any bejeasus? Hmmmm.

McMillian calculator says my training paces aren’t fast enough. But looking up 4:33 (which I’ve done twice), it says my training paces are barely fast enough to do that now…and I had 0 chance of doing it before.


McMillian said no….Shamrock said yes, with awesome splits.

So I know I should call the calculator a liar. I’ve lost 25 lbs since my last 4:33. I’ve ran almost 650 in 16 weeks. I have two amazing, way-better-than-me runners on the 4:09 plan too. I can do it. And if the training isn’t there…there’s nothing I can do about it other than pushing harder on race day.

The hay is in the barn? Maybe. Am I rolling down the PR hill no matter what the barn looks like? YES!


I do everything Ralph does.

So there it is. All nervousness aside, I’m STUPID EXCITED to see my girls. It’s been way too long. I cant wait to be in MO…so I can just have fun and stop thinking about the dumb race. Hugs and tutus. ONE MORE DAY!


  1. I kinda hate it when people say “You’ll do great!!!” when nobody has a clue. Which is I suppose why you have to run the race. But I know you’ll make me proud. And then eat some paste. I hope you have a day to remember.

    1. Thanks! Paste makes it all better 🙂

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