Quote of the Week – 9/15

Even if couched as a compliment, “exotic” does not say I am beautiful. It says I am beautiful in spite of, or perhaps because of, my race. If you want to compliment a woman whose ethnicity you can’t quite place, call her beautiful, because she is. If you ask me about my race, be transparent about it and I will happily respond. But don’t call me exotic.

– Sabrina Imbler, I couldnt agree more with my fellow Half-Taiwanese/Half-German chick



 PhoneOne of my least favorite questions


  1. dear jenster: you are beautiful. inside and outside and auraside. half female/half penguin? whatever. peeps is peeps. put em in the microwave and we all end up the same.

    and if i want to find out about your race, i’ll just wait for the necessary nine months for the report.

    1. Thanks, Gary. There’s hope my half grizzly bear kids wont have to deal with it because of their celebrity dad.

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