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Javelina Jundred (Jenster’s Jalloween Jundo)

WTF are you doing? I lost track of how many times I asked myself this question. From the moment I hit submit on UltraSignup to the middle of the night in that dark desert in Arizona and every step in between…WTF, Jen??? Obviously I said it a lot because there were a lot of steps […]

Better late than never – Bandera 100k RR

I started to write this report 1,000 times and I scrapped it every time because words couldn’t do the experience justice. They still can’t…but with so many friends heading to Bandera this year the race I keep looking back on my experience and writing this and looking at pics helps me contain my jealousy. On […]

2014 recap

I’ll keep the words to a minimum. It was a jam packed 2014 – Here’s what 10 Marathons, 9 Ultras, 1 half marathon and a couple pacing gigs look like in pictures. January – Bandera 100k (AKA best weekend ever) February – Finally broke 4:30 at the Myrtle Beach Marathon March – Paced the Columbia […]

Crooked Road 24 Hour RR

It was 19 degrees when I pulled up to the start line. As someone who LOVES running in the 30s (often in shorts and a tank) I wasn’t quite prepared for how harsh the loss of 10 degrees would feel. I stood by my car, trying to summon the courage to shed the fleece pants I had over […]

RR: Marshall Marathon

For the last 4 years I’ve maintained a healthy trend of having a Spring and a Fall PR. Even if the PR is 20 seconds like in Spring 2013…a PR is a PR. I figured this fall would be the exception because I hadn’t really done much in terms of training. In fact, I’d been […]

Double Day 2 – Atlantic City Marathon RR

After a horrific crash and burn at Monster Mash, I just wanted a nap! The last thing I wanted to do was get into a car and drive another 2 hours to suffer through another freaking marathon, but everything was paid for so I had to keep on truckin. Luckily we hit no traffic and we […]

Double Day 1 – Monster Mash Marathon RR

*For those not familiar with Marathon Maniac lingo, a Double Marathon is two marathons in two days Long time readers will remember that I did a double back in November 2012. Both races didn’t go so well, with Savannah heat kickin my butt and the Raleigh hills kicking them the next day.  Excuses aside I […]

(Like a) Blister in the Sun Marathon RR

A Stupid Hot Hilly Little Run in the Park The RD says, “I guarantee suck ass conditions and a fun time.” What more do you want? It was hot. It was hilly. It was awesome. LET ME GO ON…. August 3, 2014 I’m a huge fan of a race that requires entrants to write a […]

M-M-M-My Rehoboth!

If you can’t read the title to the tune of “My Sherona” stop reading because I dont want to share this with you. Kidding! (maybe) I know everyone’s still patiently waiting for reports on a gazillion races. Or you’re like “WTF, this report’s over 9 months old…didnt care then, dont care now.” But I’ll just assume it’s […]

RR: Waldo 100k

I promised Bangle I’d blog about Hood to Coast and I cant really do that without talking about Waldo first. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up. I loved every second of the Bandera 100k and you can’t go wrong hanging out with Mild Sauce and the Matzes, even if […]

RR: Moonlight Boogie 50M

It’s crazy how long I’ve gone without writing a race report. I’ve done a lot of amazing races in the last year and a half, saved pics, wrote reports in my head (and in some cases wrote half and just never finished)….but it just stopped being fun. So, while the magic of the Boogie is […]

RR: Shamrock Marathon

INHALE!!!! If you’ve been holding your breath waiting for this report, I hope I just saved your life. You’re welcome. I’m not a player, I just crush a lot  As Loopfests go, Friday night before Shamrock was typical. I feel a bit Forrest Gumpish when I say “I met up with a bunch of Loopsters…again…and […]

Yo Momma Gave Me Cankles! (50K RR)

50s for Yo Momma 50k – May 11, 2013 Sas told me it was a PR course. And I like PRs. But then it rained. A lot. And a rumor began to circulate that it would be muddy. Stream crossings would have a current. I thought about getting floaties just in case (and by just in […]

Marathon and Ultra states

I don’t really have a 50 Sate goal, but I think it’s fun to get new states as the opportunities come. My first marathon was in Canada, so obviously I didn’t plan ahead! Below is a list of all my marathons and ultras organized by state…with links to the Race Report if I haven’t been […]

RR: Rehoboth Beach Marathon

LONG overdue. This race was 12/8/2012. It seems like most people have taken a loop hiatus. Some blame it on Pluck, some on work, injury, blah, blah, blah. I’ve been horrible myself but since everyone else is doing it you can’t hate me without hating on all those loveable loopsters. Remember that before you hate. […]