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I want an Alpaca Part 5

      My brother just lost a few more cool points for never drawing me an alpaca.

Quote of the Week – 8/31

…Believe it or not getting the horny clap of approval from any guy does not improve my day. It actually creeps me out. So guys, get some impulse control ’cause I got shit to do. – Jessica Williams, I need to be her friend  

Quote of the Week – 8/25

If a panda is that clever I say, “how do they know its a panda?” – Paula Poundstone’s thoughts on the Panda who faked her pregnancy to get perks from the zookeepers    

Quote of the Week – 8/25

Hello Kitty is not a cat…She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. – Christine Yano, Hello Kitty Scholar   Ummmm, how do I get a job as a Hello Kitty Scholar?!?!    

I want an Armadillo

Quote of the Week – 5/19

These racist countertops are not conducive to my drinking habit – Niki, my mini-me.  

Quote of the Week – 5/12

Hey, watch my nuts – Guy at work who literally put his nuts on my desk    

I want an Alpaca Part 4

        I don’t want a llama. Llamas are gross. And don’t tell me I just haven’t found the right llama yet.

I want an Alpaca Part 3


I want an Alpaca Part 2


I want an Alpaca

Quote of the Week – 10/14

I do. – The New Mrs. Thomas

How can 3 nights sharing a tent get better?

Add 11 Bowls of Chili! Wednesday 10/9 – 3 Bowls Thursday 10/10 – 3 Bowls Saturday 10/11 – 4 Bowls Breakfast Chili (courtesy of Missy) Dinner Chili (Courtesy of Vanessa)* *actual photo of dinner chili taken by Lisa Miller….it is MIA but we have witnesses! Plus I think we both had seconds on the breakfast […]

Quotes of the Week – 10/7

It’s ok. I was white! I have a festive jingle between my legs She knows more about sperm than anyone in the yurt.

Quote of the Week – 9/30

Are you the mascot? The replacement? -Andrea, to the grossest Chippendale ever Speaking of Chip ‘n’ Dale…