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Adventures in Delaware

Imagine being magically whisked away to…Delaware!!! Luckily I’m living the dream, so I don’t have to imagine. Two days and two nights by the beach, what more can a girl ask for?? How about a 5k with friends and chance to check off an item from the Year of the Muskrat list? SPCA Race for […]

Hatfield McCoy – Flat Stanley’s first marathon

For those living under a rock, deployed Loopster THE Col Cupcake as a sign floating around all over the country to different races. The last time I had the sign it spent the whole time in my car and I was determined to do a better job this time around. The drive to no where, […]

Beer Mile – Muskrat Challenge #4

Year of the Muskrat Challenge #4 — Beers consumed while running a Beer Mile. The beer mile just happened to be the day after the Hatfield McCoy Marathon (RR to come). Most people wouldn’t plan to run a Beer Mile the day after a marathon. However, we all know a marathon followed by a 6 hour […]

RR: Shamrock Marathon

INHALE!!!! If you’ve been holding your breath waiting for this report, I hope I just saved your life. You’re welcome. I’m not a player, I just crush a lot  As Loopfests go, Friday night before Shamrock was typical. I feel a bit Forrest Gumpish when I say “I met up with a bunch of Loopsters…again…and […]

Yo Momma Gave Me Cankles! (50K RR)

50s for Yo Momma 50k – May 11, 2013 Sas told me it was a PR course. And I like PRs. But then it rained. A lot. And a rumor began to circulate that it would be muddy. Stream crossings would have a current. I thought about getting floaties just in case (and by just in […]

Adventures in Pacing – Columbia Marathon RR

Being a pacer sounds pretty perfect for a race-a-holic like me. I’ve always wanted to pace a marathon, but it always seemed like something only Ms Ritz or someone who knew everyone who’s anyone in the running world would get to do. Well, just call me Mrs Jefferson because I’m movin on up!!  Can every […]

Marathon and Ultra states

I don’t really have a 50 Sate goal, but I think it’s fun to get new states as the opportunities come. My first marathon was in Canada, so obviously I didn’t plan ahead! Below is a list of all my marathons and ultras organized by state…with links to the Race Report if I haven’t been […]

Post Raccoon DNF

Elite members of the Jenster Fan Club have died holding their breath waiting for my Rocky Raccoon Report.  RIP elite members! Those who are only mostly dead or not dead yet (and feeling better) probably saw so many reports and videos on the Raccoon thing that you either think I reported and you missed it or you […]

Frosty 50k

January 2013 sucked. EVERY* run was difficult, including this one. Spoiler: This race blew….and I’m only posting it so I can move on to the Raccoon Report. January 5, 2013Frosty 50K It was on a stupid easy course. I thought I could beat my other stupid easy 50k course time. Given my most recent marathons, I […]

RR: Rehoboth Beach Marathon

LONG overdue. This race was 12/8/2012. It seems like most people have taken a loop hiatus. Some blame it on Pluck, some on work, injury, blah, blah, blah. I’ve been horrible myself but since everyone else is doing it you can’t hate me without hating on all those loveable loopsters. Remember that before you hate. […]

RR: Lake Hinson 24 hour….distance PR!!

I’m going to try to keep this short…because if I dont get this up before Twin Cities Marathon it might never happen…but as some of you Facebook peeps know, I attended a 24 hour race on Saturday. Oh. My. Goodness. If I die tomorrow, I hope I’ve done enough good in the world to have […]

Bandit Acts of Silliness (An Aquathon RR)

Long time readers will remember that I did not renew my USAT membership this year because I’ve already blown my race budget and didnt need the temptation of signing up for triathlons this summer. It’s sad, but paying an extra $12 per race without a USAT membership is a good way to make sure I […]