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Buffalo Marathon RR (or just look how cute my nieces are!)

Finally back in Raleigh for a full week!! Between being out of town every weekend and that thing called work my reading/commenting has been so slack. I owe you a lot of reports on races and loop meet ups…so let me go a bit  out of order and give you the longest one first. I apologize […]

I’m like Margarine*?? 10k(ish) PR RR

*California Runnin says I’m like butter, because I’m on a roll! It’s been 2 years since my last 10k. Well, I did one in March 2011, but I had bronchitis and I’m a moron who did it anyway…and I did so horribly it doesnt count. Throwing that one out, my last 3 10k times were: […]

RR: MST 50k

***ATTN: Nerds. That was not a typo. I did not mean MST3K. This is a Race Report for the Mountains to Sea Trail 50k.*** Insanity is hereditary and I get it from my Loop Family.  A Marathon and a 50k in 14 days? Cheeky runner does it all the time…With another marathon and 3 5ks […]

RR: Shamrock Marathon

This year has been good to me. My Drink Beer and Run a Little training plan has gotten me a 50k PR and a 5k PR. Not bad considering those are the only races I’ve done in 2012 (besides my blizzard Pikermi PR at the Manhattan Half).  But I wasn’t so sure about the marathon. […]

RR: Run for the Oaks 5k (PR!)

I hate 5ks. I still do. So why am I smiling so much after one?   Not much of a spoiler alert since some of you already know I had a massive PR – one of those shocking, “OH-EM-GEE where the heck did that come from?” PRs. But it was more than a PR, it’s […]

RR: Charlotte Ultra. Suckiest 50k PR EVER!!!!!

When I have a sucky race, I like to wait a while before writing a report. Most of the time the suckiness subsides and I start to believe my delusions that it was a grand ol’ time.  It didnt work this time. Sorry for the suckfest below.    In a nutshellll – I PR’d by over […]

Lonely Loopster at the Manhattan Half

Awesome loopmeets leave holes in my heart. A few days after Nashville, LoopPhest started to form. After Loophest, I needed a rebound…BAD. So when the Manhattan Half registration opened, I was tempted. It was espcially tempting because a little injured bird was recruiting every East Coast loopette to come too.  It was only $40 and […]

I’m an Ultra Marathoner (and a Maniac)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s official! My little weekend adventure got me Ultra-Marathoner status. On top of that, 2 marathons and a 50k in 55 days got me into the Marathon Maniacs!! Yay!! In a nutshell – it was both harder and easier than I thought. No desire to do a 50 miler right now…but I said after my […]

Dancing in the Street – Philly Marathon RR

Long time readers might remember a 7 hour window in my Philly Photo Timeline, in which I mentioned running/dancing a PR Marathon next to the world’s most amazing friend. I said the RR was coming…I think I originally thought I’d finish this sooner! So sorry for the delay, and the rambling. I dont think I make […]

Philly Marathon Photo Timeline

Im having trouble putting Philly into words. Luckily now I dont have to…I’ll get my RR up soon enough. But here’s a photo timeline: Friday 11:30 AM – I arrived in Philly earlier than expected, And the Mayor welcomed us!! Mayor Nutter doesnt realize he’s just invited 70 of the most awesome people in the world […]

NWM: The Marathon I Didn’t Deserve

Hardcore Jenster fans might have noticed I got quiet in the weeks leading up to the Nike Women’s Marathon. I was moronically undertrained and I knew if I was honest about how bad all my [lack of] long runs went, I’d have people (rightfully – if you saw my training long, you’d have no clue […]

Lost my Trail Pikermi Virginity – it was sloppy.

Life post Asheville has been going well and I had some pretty awesome runs last week, including a kick ass 7 miler in which I smashed my long standing 10k PR (1:01:10) by hitting 6.2 in 58:06 (thank you intervals)!!!!    So, with my confidence back up, I signed up for a trail half marathon with […]

Asheville Half Marathon: The Batmobile lost a wheel…

I’m not a hill lover…so why would I got towards the mountains of NC for a Pikermi??   Medfirecracker (Meredith) raved about it and sold it to me and William for weeks during the club run. Mr CK lives in Asheville and I found out CK was signed up…and we all know what a girl […]

Gonna get Dirty! – Warrior Dash RR

As the first wave of squalls from Hurricane Irene started to hit Raleigh, Jenster evacuated west to Charlotte with 2 missions:    1. Party up with my Charlotte friends 2. Complete the Warrior Dash with my trainwreck work friends without injury    Upon arrival at my Charlotte host’s home, we started attacking mission #1. Obviously […]

RR: Lake Mayo Triathlon

One of my 2011 goals was to complete a tri. Who knew they’d be so addicting?? I’m def going to tone down the marathons next year in favor of a longer distance tri. My fourth and final tri of 2011 has def left me drooling for more.    This race was never one the radar, […]