Monthly Archives: March 2010

RR: Cooper River Bridge 10k

Woohoo! Jen’s comeback run! First of all I’d like to thank everyone who listened to my complaining about crappy runs. March hasn’t been an easy month for me and I’m glad I was able to end on a good note. The Cooper River Bridge 10k is a massive race across the Arther J. Ravenel Bridge, […]

RR: NC Half Marathon

This time last year, Shannon and I attended our first Fitastic meeting. It is like a Couch to 5k program through a local running store. When we signed up, I didn’t think I’d be doing more than 5ks for fun. It’s crazy to think a year after that first meeting I’d be running my 6th […]

Attack of the Pikermi Princesses

My unofficial running club has had its name revoked because apparently we run too much. So, we are now the Pikermi Princesses (if you dont know what a Pikermi is, please read this) and we even have a team shirt that’s being made as I type this post! It was a big running weekend: Ellie had […]

RR: Crystal Coast HM

I forgot how awesome it is to do a big race with friends! I had a ton of people with me for my first half but since then it’s been just me. After finishing such a long race I had to walk to my car and drive away like it was no big deal so […]