Monthly Archives: August 2011

Gonna get Dirty! – Warrior Dash RR

As the first wave of squalls from Hurricane Irene started to hit Raleigh, Jenster evacuated west to Charlotte with 2 missions:    1. Party up with my Charlotte friends 2. Complete the Warrior Dash with my trainwreck work friends without injury    Upon arrival at my Charlotte host’s home, we started attacking mission #1. Obviously […]

RR: Lake Mayo Triathlon

One of my 2011 goals was to complete a tri. Who knew they’d be so addicting?? I’m def going to tone down the marathons next year in favor of a longer distance tri. My fourth and final tri of 2011 has def left me drooling for more.    This race was never one the radar, […]

Snakes on a Trail: Aquathon RR!

Aquathon #2 was last week. I love these events. Super laid back, extremely well organized, and only $20.    I left work early, thinking I’d get in a warm up before the 6:30 race. Nope, the walk to my car was enough of a warm up, it was hot that day. Screenshot from my phone […]