Monthly Archives: September 2011

Lost my Trail Pikermi Virginity – it was sloppy.

Life post Asheville has been going well and I had some pretty awesome runs last week, including a kick ass 7 miler in which I smashed my long standing 10k PR (1:01:10) by hitting 6.2 in 58:06 (thank you intervals)!!!!    So, with my confidence back up, I signed up for a trail half marathon with […]

Asheville Half Marathon: The Batmobile lost a wheel…

I’m not a hill lover…so why would I got towards the mountains of NC for a Pikermi??   Medfirecracker (Meredith) raved about it and sold it to me and William for weeks during the club run. Mr CK lives in Asheville and I found out CK was signed up…and we all know what a girl […]