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Quote of the Week 4/22

If ever you do an impression of a Velociraptor, people mostly put their wrist down, with palms facing down, but dinosaurs weren’t slappers. They were clappers with hands together….So if you take anything away from this today, remember that dinosaurs are clappers and not slappers.” – Brian Switek, Science Friday What good is slapping or clapping […]

Quote of the Week – 4/15

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”– Kurt Vonnegut Thankfully, I know the rest of the […]

Quote of the Week – 4/8

Audrey saw a bunny in the yard and ran to the fridge to get the Easter bunny picture she colored to show the bunny. I think he was impressed. – My Sister

Adventures in Pacing Part 2: Umstead 100

There’s something magical about the trails at night. At Rocky Raccoon, it was bad magic. There was something about the light draining from the trail that drained my happiness. At Umstead, I was watching the light fade from the comfort of an aid station. The worst pain I encountered there included accidentally pouring scalding soup […]

Adventures in Pacing – Columbia Marathon RR

Being a pacer sounds pretty perfect for a race-a-holic like me. I’ve always wanted to pace a marathon, but it always seemed like something only Ms Ritz or someone who knew everyone who’s anyone in the running world would get to do. Well, just call me Mrs Jefferson because I’m movin on up!!  Can every […]

Quote of the Week – 4/1

I realize it’s only Monday…but I don’t think this will be topped. “We have no f***ing idea what these dolphins are saying. They could be shooting the sh!t or singing or talking smack about seals. We have no idea!” Well, played, NPR, well played. Best April Fool’s prank of the day. Now I want […]

Marathon and Ultra states

I don’t really have a 50 Sate goal, but I think it’s fun to get new states as the opportunities come. My first marathon was in Canada, so obviously I didn’t plan ahead! Below is a list of all my marathons and ultras organized by state…with links to the Race Report if I haven’t been […]