Monthly Archives: March 2011

RR: Shamrock Marathon

If I had to rank best weekends of my life….this would be in the top  10 without a doubt. I’ve been grinning from ear to ear all day since  Sunday, and there’s no end to the perma-grin in sight  I forgot I had agreed to attend a Military Ball the Friday before Shamrock.The result? I […]

Jenster vs Bronchitis – Two Race Reports

I came down with Bronchitis in Feb at the height of Shamrock Training. Running was hard…but I attempted 2 races in one day (March 5) anyway. Round 1: Cary Distance Festival 10k My  last 3 10ks time are 61:49, 61:43, and 61:10 (PR). So annoying when all  I want is under an hour! Prior to […]