Monthly Archives: January 2010

Milestone: 14!

Saturday I ran farther than I ever have. Ok, so it’s only nine tenths of a mile farther but that still counts, right?? It was a gorgeous day in the high 40s/low 50s and sunny. AKA perfect running weather! On top of that it was my first full weekend in town in over a month […]

RR: Ocean Isle Beach HM

After nearly losing an arm to frostbite during 12/12’s Thunder Road (not really, I’m just a pansy), I had a stoke of genius and decided I needed to run another Half at Ocean Isle Beach less than a month later. The temperature at the NC beaches in January typically aren’t too bad and I was […]

2009 Review

Ok, so I probably should have posted this last week but I’ve been lazy. With tapering comes free time so here we go! May 18, 2009 was my first day of half marathon training. Crazy to think that something that totally consumes me now wasn’t even on the radar at this time last year…for a […]