Monthly Archives: May 2011

RR: Indy Mini – nothing fun-sized about this Pikermi

Boring Race Report brought to you by a complete lack of Loopsters in Indianapolis. I signed up for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon way back in Nov 2010. I went to High School in Indy and I figured there’s nothing better than combining races and visiting old friends. I was wrong…there is something better: Loop meetups!Other than […]

Nashville: The Party

If you missed it, here’s the details on the race. But, I’ll admit it – this was the report you were waiting for!   MK and I took a short but delicious nap. You know those naps that only last 20 min but you wake up feeling like you slept for hours? Yes, we had a perfect […]

Nashville Pikermi: The Race

For those of your who dont know, Nashville wasn’t on the race calendar for this year. I was still bitter over my tornado crashed marathon turned 22.4 mile trail of tears (last year’s RR, if anyone is THAT bored). However, as more and more loopettes signed up, I said I was on the fence. In […]

Nashville Pikermi Quickie: Hot, Hard, and mistaken for a man

This was a fun run. It was kinda fun. Except I’m an idiot. Sunny day + course with no shade + black felt hat + black running clothes covered by black polyester = OMG JENSTER MELTED ALL OVER THE COURSE! Despite being WAY cooler and less humid than last year, it felt way hotter to […]