Monthly Archives: December 2013

Quote of the Week – 12/16

I may have to have Abby pour cups of water down the neck hole – Greg Pezolano, worried he will overheat pacing Abby to a PR wearing a costume

Quote of the Week – 12/9

OK, it’s not really a quote. But it makes me giggle!

Quote of the Week – 12/2

I’m listening and wolfing down my food. And I look up at one moment and he’s looking down at me. And he leans down very quietly because there’s stuff going on at the other end of the table, very quietly says: Bon appetite! – Renee Montagne, recalling Nelson Mandela’s charm He said many great things…but […]

Meet my new partner in crime

BEATRIX GENDER: Feminine PRONOUNCED: BEE-ə-triks (English) MEANINGS: From Viatrix, a feminine form of the Late Latin name Viator which meant “voyager, traveler”. Also “blessed; she who brings happiness” The name also reminds me of the ultimate bad ass – Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill. 

Quote of the Week – 11/25

Hey, wait. Why are we running up this hill??? – Overheard in the first mile of the Derby 50k