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I’m like Margarine*?? 10k(ish) PR RR

*California Runnin says I’m like butter, because I’m on a roll! It’s been 2 years since my last 10k. Well, I did one in March 2011, but I had bronchitis and I’m a moron who did it anyway…and I did so horribly it doesnt count. Throwing that one out, my last 3 10k times were: […]

RR: MST 50k

***ATTN: Nerds. That was not a typo. I did not mean MST3K. This is a Race Report for the Mountains to Sea Trail 50k.*** Insanity is hereditary and I get it from my Loop Family.  A Marathon and a 50k in 14 days? Cheeky runner does it all the time…With another marathon and 3 5ks […]