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Mr Penguin’s first 10k

One of my first memories is about penguins. My parents very foolishly bravely decided moving to Australia with three children ages 5 and under was a good idea. So when I was 3, we went on a day trip from Melbourne to Phillip Island. I distinctly remember quite a few things about the trip…but most vivid […]

Adventures in Delaware

Imagine being magically whisked away to…Delaware!!! Luckily I’m living the dream, so I don’t have to imagine. Two days and two nights by the beach, what more can a girl ask for?? How about a 5k with friends and chance to check off an item from the Year of the Muskrat list? SPCA Race for […]

Quote of the Week – 8/12

one time Carl Sagan did a bunch of peyote and called me all excited cuz he “finally figured out whales” –@Bill_NY_tho, who answers the question: What if Bill Nye smoked a ton of weed and swore all the time?

Beer Mile – Muskrat Challenge #4

Year of the Muskrat Challenge #4 — Beers consumed while running a Beer Mile. The beer mile just happened to be the day after the Hatfield McCoy Marathon (RR to come). Most people wouldn’t plan to run a Beer Mile the day after a marathon. However, we all know a marathon followed by a 6 hour […]

Bandit Acts of Silliness (An Aquathon RR)

Long time readers will remember that I did not renew my USAT membership this year because I’ve already blown my race budget and didnt need the temptation of signing up for triathlons this summer. It’s sad, but paying an extra $12 per race without a USAT membership is a good way to make sure I […]