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Quote of the Week – 9/15

Even if couched as a compliment, “exotic” does not say I am beautiful. It says I am beautiful in spite of, or perhaps because of, my race. If you want to compliment a woman whose ethnicity you can’t quite place, call her beautiful, because she is. If you ask me about my race, be transparent […]

M-M-M-My Rehoboth!

If you can’t read the title to the tune of “My Sherona” stop reading because I dont want to share this with you. Kidding! (maybe) I know everyone’s still patiently waiting for reports on a gazillion races. Or you’re like “WTF, this report’s over 9 months old…didnt care then, dont care now.” But I’ll just assume it’s […]

Quote of the Week – 9/8

I just go with whatever diet advertises the skinniest guy holding up the fattest pair of pants. – How to pick a diet according to fake people on The Onion     Me too, Kevin. Me too.

I want an Alpaca Part 5

      My brother just lost a few more cool points for never drawing me an alpaca.

Quote of the Week – 8/31

…Believe it or not getting the horny clap of approval from any guy does not improve my day. It actually creeps me out. So guys, get some impulse control ’cause I got shit to do. – Jessica Williams, I need to be her friend  

Quote of the Week – 8/25

If a panda is that clever I say, “how do they know its a panda?” – Paula Poundstone’s thoughts on the Panda who faked her pregnancy to get perks from the zookeepers    

RR: Waldo 100k

I promised Bangle I’d blog about Hood to Coast and I cant really do that without talking about Waldo first. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up. I loved every second of the Bandera 100k and you can’t go wrong hanging out with Mild Sauce and the Matzes, even if […]