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A case of the Mondays

I had plenty of reasons to skip my Monday Night run: A half marathon on Sunday. Sure it was with a friend at a comfortable pace. But it was hilly and I don’t care how many ultras I finish…there is nothing pansy about 13.1 (actually 13.34 because I can’t run a tangent to save my […]

The 4th of July Adventures of Gustav the Trail Running Piñata

FACT: More people have climbed Mt Everest than piñatas have pretty much done anything.* This is the story of one piñata’s adventures in the NC mountains (really big hills to you west coasters) *The statement is on the internet now so it must be true It all started one 4th of July, when two Rasians […]

Quote of the Week – 12/8

Jenny declares GU to be tastiest treat ever. – Garbanzo   I’m not sure this was the best thing I’ve heard or read all week…but this was definitely the best thing I’ve seen all week:

(Like a) Blister in the Sun Marathon RR

A Stupid Hot Hilly Little Run in the Park The RD says, “I guarantee suck ass conditions and a fun time.” What more do you want? It was hot. It was hilly. It was awesome. LET ME GO ON…. August 3, 2014 I’m a huge fan of a race that requires entrants to write a […]

Don’t Mind the Puddles of Jenster…

Iphone told me it would be 88 during my 6:00 PM club run. I mentally prepared for 88 the whole day. If it’s 88 and I’m in a Delorian can I time travel to October? However, all that mental prep was worthless….how was it 90 when high for the day was supposed to be 88? Didn’t Mother Nature […]

Meet my new partner in crime

BEATRIX GENDER: Feminine PRONOUNCED: BEE-ə-triks (English) MEANINGS: From Viatrix, a feminine form of the Late Latin name Viator which meant “voyager, traveler”. Also “blessed; she who brings happiness” The name also reminds me of the ultimate bad ass – Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill. 

The hay is in the Barn

But I have no clue how to make sure it’s stacked right. Greg would say throwing a 50 Miler and a 50k into the plan he made for me means it is definitely not stacked correctly.  Actually, take out “would” and add a few lines questioning my intelligence and you have what he actually said. […]