Monthly Archives: August 2013

Signs it’s going to be a good day

You snag Top Dog in a couple levels of candy crush before getting out of bed. Hottie messages before noon to say he misses/d you…

Quote of the Week – 8/19

What do I need to do to stop you from telling me Vin Diesel related trivia? –Laura to Kynan

Excuse me while I humble brag

Got measured for this dress by a professional a little over 2 months ago. She obviously didn’t factor in my diet and training change plans. Some professional.  

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

Attempting a 5k PR  and getting a bit fat FAIL with a 28:37. Then a few days later run a 6 mile tempo in 54:30 during training.

Adventures in Delaware

Imagine being magically whisked away to…Delaware!!! Luckily I’m living the dream, so I don’t have to imagine. Two days and two nights by the beach, what more can a girl ask for?? How about a 5k with friends and chance to check off an item from the Year of the Muskrat list? SPCA Race for […]

Quote of the Week – 8/12

one time Carl Sagan did a bunch of peyote and called me all excited cuz he “finally figured out whales” –@Bill_NY_tho, who answers the question: What if Bill Nye smoked a ton of weed and swore all the time?

Whole 30 Recap Days 22-30…and beyond

I truly believe completing Whole 30 is the best thing I’ve done since I started distance running. I have to admit, up until week 3 I shrugged when people said this was life-changing. Eye-opening? Yes. Learning experience? Yes. But I was hesitant to say life changing. Well, it’s been over 3 weeks since day 30 […]

Quote of the Week – 8/5

Now I’m thinking, is there somebody living there in that street light? I went down to the light and knocked on the door to see if they wanted their mail, but no-one came out. -Clive Saleman, who received a threatening letter addressed to a lamp-post This is the proper way to send a message to a […]

Quote of the Week – 7/29

If you’re not happy, you can become happy. Happiness is a choice. That’s the thing I really feel – Jennifer Aniston, Interview in Glamour   Choose to be this happy.  

Quote of the Week – 7/22

That bastard brat of a Scottish peddler! His ambition, his restlessness and all his grandiose schemes come, I’m convinced, from a superabundance of secretions, which he couldn’t find enough whores to absorb! – John Adams, insulting Alexander Hamilton   Too bad the bastard brat didn’t have that kind of duel…