Monthly Archives: October 2013

The hay is in the Barn

But I have no clue how to make sure it’s stacked right. Greg would say throwing a 50 Miler and a 50k into the plan he made for me means it is definitely not stacked correctly.  Actually, take out “would” and add a few lines questioning my intelligence and you have what he actually said. […]

Quote of the Week – 10/21

You know you’re an ultrarunner… if you don’t finish the race on the same day as the winner -UltraTortoise, in his Bandera Race Report

This week in running

How did I get so lucky?? Seriously, the week rocks. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 1. I passed 1,200 miles for the year. This is neat because since I began running/logging miles in 2009, I’ve never broken 1,200/year. It’s also neat because as of 6/30 my YTD was 568 miles. Who knew training added crazy mileage?! 2. I booked a […]

Quote of the Week – 10/14

I do. – The New Mrs. Thomas

How can 3 nights sharing a tent get better?

Add 11 Bowls of Chili! Wednesday 10/9 – 3 Bowls Thursday 10/10 – 3 Bowls Saturday 10/11 – 4 Bowls Breakfast Chili (courtesy of Missy) Dinner Chili (Courtesy of Vanessa)* *actual photo of dinner chili taken by Lisa Miller….it is MIA but we have witnesses! Plus I think we both had seconds on the breakfast […]

Quotes of the Week – 10/7

It’s ok. I was white! I have a festive jingle between my legs She knows more about sperm than anyone in the yurt.

Quote of the Week – 9/30

Are you the mascot? The replacement? -Andrea, to the grossest Chippendale ever Speaking of Chip ‘n’ Dale…