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Quote of the Week – 8/25

**Yes, I already posted for this week. But I’ve skipped a bunch of weeks and this is way better than Hello Kitty (Don’t tell Mini Jen)** Why do we run? We constantly push the boundaries of safety. We run in extreme heat, crazy cold, distances that will leave us limping toward the grave. We take […]

Quote of the Week – 8/18

We apologize for delays on Leg 24. We have been working on it and identified one van that was asleep at the wheel. They are now awake and moving. – Hood To Coast Facebook Page, Offering a perfectly logical explanation for an hours-long traffic jam   There were obviously way better quotes from the weekend….but I cant […]

Quote of the Week – 8/11

  No words needed because this pic says everything. My friends rock. Photo by Matt Hagen

Quote of the Week – 8/25

Hello Kitty is not a cat…She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. – Christine Yano, Hello Kitty Scholar   Ummmm, how do I get a job as a Hello Kitty Scholar?!?!    

I want an Armadillo

Quote of the Week – 8/4

“Part of the beauty of the Waldo 100k experience is the difficulty of the course. Completing this race is a challenge that requires runners to endure a certain amount of suffering and that’s what makes a Waldo finish such a special achievement.” – Meghan Arbogast   EEEEEEEEEEEK!! Time to start praying