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Quote of the Week – 9/23

I feel like I’m in the middle of Crop Dust Alley – Crew Chief/spectator at Hinson Lake 24 Hour Ultra Run

Who Lives in a Cookie Jar Under the Sea?   Just don’t get him angry…    

Excuse Me While I Humble Brag Part 2

I can go on a freakin Jenny Craig commercial now. And I have even less of a butt, as if that was possible. It’s been 90 days since I started Whole 30 and I’ve stuck to a mostly paleo diet since it ended. I don’t think I could have ever stuck to a paleo diet […]

Quote of the Week – 9/16

    …um, what??? No wonder people have to twerk to get attention.

To My Friend

I lurked on the Loop for about a year before I posted…and you were high on my list of world’s coolest peeps. How high? So high that I fished an e-mail out of my spam folder and kept it for 3 years. You’re that cool. P.S.  If I could give you a hug I would..but […]

That Awkward Moment…

…when the girl wearing the “Not just another pretty face” tee is easily the least attractive person in the room.

Quote of the Week – 9/9

You’re thinking way too hard. Simply follow your heart. Then it doesn’t matter which way you go. – Joe Prusaitis, Tejas Trails RD and super cool guy (via)

Quote of the Week – 9/2

They basically said “well OK we’re sailing from Perth and we’re going to Antwerp and we’ll draw a line and we’ll go the quickest way possible”, without really thinking Coastguard, Polish captain ran his ship aground as he tried to sail from Scotland to Belgium – because he FORGOT that England was in the way

Stranger Danger – Greenway style

July 24 I planned my Saturday long run on a greenway I’ve only run on twice. But I had to go to a specific mall (UGH!) in a random part of town…so what better way the change it up and get 15 miles in on a relatively flat area of Raleigh? It was about 5 […]

Well, shit

Happy 32nd birthday to me! Though I can think of worse people to turn into…

Quote of the Week – 8/26

If  you’re having a good day you’re living. If you’re having a bad day you ain’t living. -Ceiling tile made by a child staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham

So Long, “Summer”!

Relatively cool temps + relatively clean eating = doing a decent job sticking to the training plan (172.3 miles for the month). Somehow managed to survive the last 6 days of August, which involved 15, 5, 7, 6, 6, 13 due to moving last week’s long run to Monday. Resting today to prepare for the […]