Monthly Archives: May 2014

Quote of the Week – 5/19

These racist countertops are not conducive to my drinking habit – Niki, my mini-me.  

Quote of the Week – 5/12

Hey, watch my nuts – Guy at work who literally put his nuts on my desk    

What a difference a year makes…

Sometimes I have trouble seeing the difference in people’s before and afters when it’s not 50+ pounds….so some people might say eh….but comparing Shamrock 2013 to Shamrock 2014, I can see a major difference. Thank you Whole 30 for leading me to a Paleo lifestyle, even though I hate you sometimes for ruining my love affair […]

Don’t Mind the Puddles of Jenster…

Iphone told me it would be 88 during my 6:00 PM club run. I mentally prepared for 88 the whole day. If it’s 88 and I’m in a Delorian can I time travel to October? However, all that mental prep was worthless….how was it 90 when high for the day was supposed to be 88? Didn’t Mother Nature […]