Monthly Archives: June 2013

Quote of the Week – 6/24

God, I wish Method Man would say anything I did was dope! -Sean Cole, during his interview with Holly Manniaty

I need a track luckdragon

Wednesday nights are usually death on the track with the speed demons… The Nothing …but 800m repeats + scary storm = half-assed run on the treadmill. UGH.

Beer Mile – Muskrat Challenge #4

Year of the Muskrat Challenge #4 — Beers consumed while running a Beer Mile. The beer mile just happened to be the day after the Hatfield McCoy Marathon (RR to come). Most people wouldn’t plan to run a Beer Mile the day after a marathon. However, we all know a marathon followed by a 6 hour […]

Quote of the Week – 6/2

Man, it’s humid! I’m glad I remembered to lube my ass cheeks – Random Maniac @ the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon I can’t remember which one

Quote of the Week – 5/27

Better to be punching into space than in your face! -Joanna Rhorback