Monthly Archives: November 2014

Crooked Road 24 Hour RR

It was 19 degrees when I pulled up to the start line. As someone who LOVES running in the 30s (often in shorts and a tank) I wasn’t quite prepared for how harsh the loss of 10 degrees would feel. I stood by my car, trying to summon the courage to shed the fleece pants I had over […]

Quote of the Week – 11/17

Tell the pain to shut up, you’re not done yet  – Joe Prusaitis, convincing a runner to not DNF Wild Hare 50    

Quote of the Week – 11/10

it was a great reminder to me of what it’s like to feel omitted in the absolute absence of any hostility or ill feeling. It was a reminder that some of the time, feeling not seen in a work that you’re watching or hearing or reading is not reminiscent of being insulted or consciously blown […]

RR: Marshall Marathon

For the last 4 years I’ve maintained a healthy trend of having a Spring and a Fall PR. Even if the PR is 20 seconds like in Spring 2013…a PR is a PR. I figured this fall would be the exception because I hadn’t really done much in terms of training. In fact, I’d been […]

Quote of the Week – 11/3

If my numbers come up I’m strapping a penguin to my chest and I’m taking to the skies. F*&K you, Evolution! I decide who flies!!! – John Oliver, in a good piece on lotteries but I’m stuck on the penguin      

Double Day 2 – Atlantic City Marathon RR

After a horrific crash and burn at Monster Mash, I just wanted a nap! The last thing I wanted to do was get into a car and drive another 2 hours to suffer through another freaking marathon, but everything was paid for so I had to keep on truckin. Luckily we hit no traffic and we […]

Double Day 1 – Monster Mash Marathon RR

*For those not familiar with Marathon Maniac lingo, a Double Marathon is two marathons in two days Long time readers will remember that I did a double back in November 2012. Both races didn’t go so well, with Savannah heat kickin my butt and the Raleigh hills kicking them the next day.  Excuses aside I […]

Quote of the Week – 10/27

Meb was 23rd in NYC last year and went on to win 2014 Boston and place 4th today. So when he tells me he believes in me and that I should look ahead to big things, I listen – Kara Goucher