Monthly Archives: October 2010

I’m naughty (Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon RR)

I’ve been a bad girl. When it comes to the bandit debate I’ve always gone with the notion that race bandits are cheap, space-stealin’, moochin’ S.O.B.s so it’s embarrassing to say I bandited my first race. In my defense I was there to support my friend so I was more of a mobile cheerleader, I […]

RR: Run for the Booty HM (and first 20 miler of MCM)

Woohoo I’m not a liar! I’ve blamed every bad run this summer on the heat (and tequila) so I was slightly scared of a horrible half in near perfect temps, which would mean having nothing to blame but my own suckiness. But I didn’t suck! So I will continue with the blame game  My friend […]