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Javelina Jundred (Jenster’s Jalloween Jundo)

WTF are you doing? I lost track of how many times I asked myself this question. From the moment I hit submit on UltraSignup to the middle of the night in that dark desert in Arizona and every step in between…WTF, Jen??? Obviously I said it a lot because there were a lot of steps […]


For the FOURTH year in a row, I get to use the same title. I LOVE THIS RACE! How much do I love this race? Take a peak at my 2012 Race Report: Oh. My. Goodness. If I die tomorrow, I hope I’ve done enough good in the world to have this be where I end up. It’s […]

Quote of the Week – 1/12

If you don’t fall down I’m going to trip you! – Paul, my Weymouth Woods 100k running buddy who fell twice in the first 50k…I didn’t fall until mile 40 (but quickly exceeded 2)  Upright and fairly fresh

The Pipe Dream (Not a Weymouth Woods 100k RR)

Life has a funny way of circling back, allowing you to see something from an entirely different perspective. Most people who know me well know I have a very good memory, so me saying I have a detailed recollection of January 15, 2011 shouldn’t come as a shocker. It helps that it’s the date of […]

Better late than never – Bandera 100k RR

I started to write this report 1,000 times and I scrapped it every time because words couldn’t do the experience justice. They still can’t…but with so many friends heading to Bandera this year the race I keep looking back on my experience and writing this and looking at pics helps me contain my jealousy. On […]

2014 recap

I’ll keep the words to a minimum. It was a jam packed 2014 – Here’s what 10 Marathons, 9 Ultras, 1 half marathon and a couple pacing gigs look like in pictures. January – Bandera 100k (AKA best weekend ever) February – Finally broke 4:30 at the Myrtle Beach Marathon March – Paced the Columbia […]

RR: Nutcraker 12H Ultra

No race pics posted yet, which in my option always makes for an annoying report. Sorry. Like most weekends I’m “in town” I overbooked myself, scheduling my annual Christmas Jammy Jam the night before The Nutcracker 12 Hour race. At the time I didn’t think it was a big deal. The race was an hour […]

Crooked Road 24 Hour RR

It was 19 degrees when I pulled up to the start line. As someone who LOVES running in the 30s (often in shorts and a tank) I wasn’t quite prepared for how harsh the loss of 10 degrees would feel. I stood by my car, trying to summon the courage to shed the fleece pants I had over […]

Quote of the Week – 11/17

Tell the pain to shut up, you’re not done yet  – Joe Prusaitis, convincing a runner to not DNF Wild Hare 50    

RR: Hinson Lake 24 Hour – PR PR PR!!!

For the third year in a row, I get to use the same title. I LOVE THIS RACE! This year was a bit different than the previous years. In 2012, I stopped at 33.5 miles because I had to PR at TCM the following weekend. In 2013, I stopped at 51.5 miles because I was trying […]

Quote of the Week – 9/22

Everyone should have at least one (1) running shirt that they cannot wear anywhere – Bill Keane, who ran his 299th Ultra at the Hinson Lake 24 Hour Run     Missed winning the shirt by 7 miles 😦 FUCK.

RR: Waldo 100k

I promised Bangle I’d blog about Hood to Coast and I cant really do that without talking about Waldo first. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up. I loved every second of the Bandera 100k and you can’t go wrong hanging out with Mild Sauce and the Matzes, even if […]

Quote of the Week – 8/25

**Yes, I already posted for this week. But I’ve skipped a bunch of weeks and this is way better than Hello Kitty (Don’t tell Mini Jen)** Why do we run? We constantly push the boundaries of safety. We run in extreme heat, crazy cold, distances that will leave us limping toward the grave. We take […]

Quote of the Week – 8/11

  No words needed because this pic says everything. My friends rock. Photo by Matt Hagen

Quote of the Week – 8/4

“Part of the beauty of the Waldo 100k experience is the difficulty of the course. Completing this race is a challenge that requires runners to endure a certain amount of suffering and that’s what makes a Waldo finish such a special achievement.” – Meghan Arbogast   EEEEEEEEEEEK!! Time to start praying