Monthly Archives: June 2011

What’s that? MORE COWBELL??

Well, as you might have read from Shaun’s Running of the Bulls Report, we had a grand adventure this past weekend. This is my side of the story. For you lazy readers/skimmers, I’ve provided the abridged version in big bold letters (but you’re prob not even reading this part anyway)   I’m the Ace of (First) […]

Tutu/Double Stroller 5k PR!!!!

This week has been CRAZY!!!! Super late report from Saturday’s 5k. Everyone knows I hate 5ks. This one is always a little extra dreaded. June race in NC always = Heat and Humidity. It’s also hard to find a flat course in Raleigh (a.k.a. Hilleigh). However, my girls and I have a tradition of running […]

Tri #2 Report – I quit being a Runner

The wise TO said it best when he said: “I have been frustrated with my running to the point I am just not enjoying my runs..” My runs have sucked for the past month. Since my last Pikermi (May 7), I’ve been running about 12-15 miles per week. But almost none of those runs were enjoyable. Yeah, I’m […]