Tri #2 Report – I quit being a Runner

The wise TO said it best when he said:
“I have been frustrated with my running to the point I am just not enjoying my runs..”
My runs have sucked for the past month. Since my last Pikermi (May 7), I’ve been running about 12-15 miles per week. But almost none of those runs were enjoyable. Yeah, I’m running for fun…but what that really means is I cut a run short if it’s not fun. Most weren’t fun. They were forced. My body went through the motions. Sure, it’s been hot. Most of my May runs were in the 90s. Even trying to dreadmill it was a bust as most of the gyms cant get the AC right in the beginning of the summer…and it’s cooler outside than inside. 
On National Running Day, I ran a whole 2 miles and quit. I immediately got on my bike a rode 10 miles. It was amazing how the inferno I was running in was actually tolerable on the bike. 
It was fun! It was how running used to be fun. I even fell once and it was still fun! Yes, it  was this much fun: 
So, on National Running Day – I quit being a runner.
I am officially a triathlete!!! Luckily I signed up for tri #2 two days before this so I felt like the new title was legit.  
Although the heat was still there, the end of last week brought a dramatic drop in humidity. Race morning was the nicest morning in almost 2 weeks. I was sure the race gods were rewarding me for a horrible volunteer experience* It was 64 with only 63% humidity at 8 am – you really cant ask for better from an NC June πŸ™‚
*I volunteered for a Pikermi on 5/15…I usually dont blog about volunteering…but especially didn’t mention this one because I couldnt say anything nice. No direction from coordinators and mean/snotty co-volunteers. Oh, and it was a 7am race so I had gotten up at 6 to have people be mean to me. I almost went home after 20 min but stayed the whole 4 hours because its not the racers fault non-runner weirdos can suck.
Packet pickup was really relaxed. The course was contained in one of those new-fangled subdivision towns…where houses and townhomes and shopping are all part of one planned community. It’s kinda Stepfordish, but great for a race considering it was an open course.
Lovely packet pickup….very relaxed and organized
Being new to tris I had no race plan. I really havent trained enough to know what pace I should expect for the effort in swimming or biking…so it just makes this all so fun! Once again, I overestimated my swim time…so I wasn’t scheduled to get into the pool until 8:40 (race started at 8). I walked around a lot and just oogled guys. Tri guys are sooooooooooooooo freakin HOT! Primo EC (eye candy).
The smell of Shapries makes me hink of Tris now.
The pool swim started at one end of the pool and snaked across to the other. People swimming in a zigzag up and down…so there were people swimming in both directions in each lane. Passing was going to be tough. I watched the hot boys doing it and it seemed stressful. Like trying to pass a truck on a highway and playing chicken with oncoming cars. I decided to just play it safe. No concussions in the pool!
There;s a waterslide in the bachground. I wish the swim started with a ride down that bad boy.
I ended up passing 2 chicks in the pool, but only because they stopped at the walls and told me to pass them. I guess they could feel me on their toes and just wanted me to go away. I ended up behind a dude who wouldn’t let me pass so I chilled out behind him. The swim was super easy – 300m in 7:27. I didnt know what that meant but it’s the same pace I did my 750m open water swim (in which I swam way more than 750 because I cant sight worth s***)…but the big difference is I wasnt even winded. I was out of the pool thinkin “That was fun! I wish that was longer!!”
T1 this time around went A LOT better. No wet suit to take off…no guy trying ot take pics of me while I was trying to put on my shirt. I did the swim in a tri top and tri shorts…so all I had to do was kinds dry off my feet and get socks and shoes. Still took me almost 2 min. 
Transition….a bit crowded but it worked.
The bike course was 4 laps of 3 miles. I was really glad I had Gary or I totes would have lost count and ended up with 3 or 5 laps. I’m still really weak on the bike…but I felt a ton better than last time. The EC was already starting their run (Texas Dan style) so I oogled shirtless guys while I rode (I have no shame). 
There were a ton of neighborhood kids too. My fav were the kids just sitting in the wagon (they looked like their dad had bribed them to come out there) with a sign that said “Do it for Ice Cream!” Other kids were running around screamin race numbers and cheering their head off. Between all the runners and kids and other bikers, it was just awesome. 12 miles in 48:39. Not spectacular….but it was fun and my splits were pretty even (unlike my last one!)
T2 took me a min. My legs were crazy wobbly. It was hard to dismount my bike and get it racked. 1:38. By the time I started my run it was in the 80s…and the horrible sun was up. This is when the cute Stepford town sucks – No mature trees to provide shade. Their trees were basically stoopid tall bushes. 
The kids were still out and were giving high 5s but other than that, my run totally sucked. I didnt walk at all, like last time, but my overall time was slower. The run was by far my least fav part of the race. I just couldnt go faster. It sucked. I sucked. Worst part was, we had to cross the street to get to the finish line….just when I was starting my kick, I had to slow to let a car pass. BOOOO! 5k in 33:03. Def would have been under 33 if it wasnt for car…not that I’d be happier with 32:xx. But still. Booo!
I ended up 51 out of 65 women. I was #42 in the swim, #52 in the bike at #49 in the run. Kinda funny that I took the swim soooo freakin easy and went pretty much total effort in the run…I really think I’m more or a swimmer than a runner. Overall I enjoy running so much more. Except when it sucks. Like lately. I might switch to a tri specific training plan until I have to start NWM/Philly training.
Cant see well in the pic…but my nice ,even tan from beach is ruined. Guess I need to go back!
Saturday I have Susan G Komen 5k in my pink tutu! I’m walk/running this one with my friend Shannon, who just had twins in January. People dont really dress up for it around here so the tutus were really popular. For those of you not on the Loophest Facebook, look how popular we are! 
Im in the pink hat in case you’re stoopid.
I decided not to leave out the girl twin (not even 6 months old!)…so I made her a tutu Monday night after the club run (we actually got one of the higher scores in Trivia this time!) I let Mr Penguin try it out when I was almost done to make sure it poofed properly. I’m happy with my work πŸ˜‰
Good luck to anyone else racing or recovering this weekend.
Tons of Luck to William of NC…he doesnt  blog much (mostly serves as Drunk Kilt Guy repellent) but he has a 50 Miler this weekend!!

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